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 Welcome to The New Site of the Weird - Guaranteed to offend or your money back

Welcome to The New Site of the Weird - Guaranteed to offend or your money back
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MARP-Male Anti Rape Plug here

Gutbuster- An amazing new slimming pill here

Anti-Nag. Incredible new product. details here

Smeg-gone. The essential Gentleman's accessory. here

Holiday snaps
naked pool anticsView our holiday photos. Seven of The New Site of the Weird team went to Portugal for
a week to relax, drink lots of alcohol and annoy the locals. Find out what we got up to
at the G.O.L.F.E.R.S. Portuguese Holiday Page. Amazingly we even managed to make
it back the following year as the C.A.D.D.I.E.S.


Glastonbury Festival
glastonbury 2003Find out what we got up to in 2000.Yet again we made the long trek to the fields of Somerset for The 2000 Glastonbury festival. As we predicted the whole weekend didn't quite go to plan. If you read about our exploits at Glastonbury '99 you'll realise why this festival also went 'tits up' for us. We even managed to make it back in 2002,2004 and hopefully 2009

Try our online Chinese take away service 

mad weird chefWok the Fok Restaurant for delicious Chinese delicacies. Our very own online Chinese Take away Service. Great meals from our top Chefs delivered straight to your door. All of our meals are prepared by Our talented Chefs: Chris Peacock, Pat Mc Crotch, Harry Sachs and Paul Skinback.

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weird gifts onlineThe New Site of the Weird Products Page. A unique selection of our most popular gifts and special offers. Clitorox -B.L.A. Plates - Duck Boots - Felch Pumps - Marps -
Clitorox -The Lady drive PMT 200 - Dr. Felcher's Anti Nag Spray -Smeg-Gone.
You Wont find any of these amazing products in the shops or anywhere else on
the net. Want specialist products? we've got the lot !

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Visit our new Art Gallery - Great works of art for you to buy online: Order now!

New Now you can order your very own NSOTW T-Shirts, thongs, bags and stickers etc through our new online shop.

Welcome to the World of Major Henry Snuffington - Smith.
Read the column of a truly distinguished blue blooded English Gentleman, a true man about town, a raconteur & social commentator.

 New Nutters are everywhere! This is why we decided they should all be catalogued for future generations to study, but we need your help. If you know of a nutter in your area or you've just spotted one on your travels, fill in the nutter watch form and send it off to us so we can compile the biggest and best database of nutters in the United Kingdom.

He's Here! MLB (Mad Little Bastard) Do you have a worrying problem in your life that you just can't seem to overcome? Our new agony Uncle can help. This retarded little Fuckwit hands out his own style of no-nonsense, hard hitting advice here

Bad taste video clips here

Our Sex Crimes reporter Arthur Teacake describes
 a felching accident


It's here! New Hermaphrodite-4-u. The Worlds first Hermaphrodite Fertility Clinic.

It's here! New Product. DIGI-SNIFF

It's here! New Product. The Bukkake Spunk Blaster

Find weird images here with the help of the Search Monkeys

Visit our online expert Dr. Skcollob for FREE medical advice here

Mickey Marp says "be safe not sorry"

Beer Foot Check out these pictures
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Doctor Skcollob has  released a new products page Here -British man is oldest ever to undergo Sex change operation here
We've teamed up with a hotel to offer you a great deal at
only 10 per night . Click
here for details,
Need a Sex Change?
The Betty Hubbard Clinic was founded in 1903 by Lady Hubbard a pioneer in the techniques of Sex change surgery. The Clinic was the first of its type in the World to offer Sex change operations, when in 1928 Lady Hubbard carried out the first successful Sex change Operation on a Chimpanzee. Although they specialise in Sex Change Surgery they also offer an extensive range of other services, including their own  range of special offers for our readers.
Mrs. Mills

This site is sponsored by the lovely Mrs. Mills. Lardarse of the year 1999,Without whose financial help this site would not be possible Mrs. Mills Appears courtesy of enormous Fat Old Slapper Enterprises. Listen to Joyce the sexy friend of our sponsor Mrs. Mills. Hear her talk about her luscious knockers. click here or right click and choose 'save target as'

Joyce Podcast here

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While we were busy with the new site changes we were anonymously sent this picture of Jonathan King's Prison visitor. (scary) We were also informed of this hideous sexual crime. The streets just aren't safe these days!. Important new tax rules. Details here

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