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Amazing New Clitorox
The Brand New Product for The Woman of Today.

Clitorox has been developed by top scientists
at the Betty Hubbard Clinic.


NEWS UPDATE: Now kills 99.9% of the Swine Flu virus!





There's nothing worse than a stinky Vagina, and a Lady's love tunnel can get just that way if it's neglected. But the fairer sex need not fluster, because now there's Clitorox, the first industrial strength douche.

Clitorox keeps the Pussy prim and proper, killing all known bacteria. Just one application each day keeps your Pussy clean and fresh.


Remember Ladies: simple soap and water isn't enough.....


.....Your dirty Twat needs Clitorox!


Cleaner Bits Magazine   "Clitorox performed very well in our Twat cleansing tests. It also passed the unforgiving 'Dr. Skcollob Tuna Test' with flying colours. Highly recommended, a well deserved winner four out of five stars"

Dr. Skcollob Our very own online medical advisor says: "I would not hesitate to recommend this fantastic product, I bought some for my wife, and to put it bluntly, her cunt has never been cleaner or fresher!"

Warning: keep out of the reach of Children and pets. This product contains concentrated hydrochloric acid and may cause skin irritation. Manufactured in a sweatshop somewhere in the Far East for the Betty Hubbard Clinic.

If You've got a clit
 get Clitorox

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