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Permanent Injectable Fat Implants

LARD-O-MATIC 2000 the Ultimate body shaping system!

Thanks to an amazing scientific discovery, and many years of intensive research by top scientists at the Betty Hubbard Clinic, Lard-o-matic 2000 is now a simple, safe and cost effective means of adding local areas of fat to most parts of the body.

The treatments can be carried out in the caring atmosphere of the Betty Hubbard Clinic, or if you prefer the the implants can be carried out safely and easily in the comfort of your own home.

 Now Lard-o-matic 2000 makes it easy to inject large amounts of fat into most areas of the body, including:

Thighs * Stomach * Face * Testicles * Buttocks * Penis * Vulva

Tracy Cocksnot receives the Lard-o-Matic treatment and gains over 36 pounds.

fat cat fat kid
Lard-o-Matic treatments are so safe* and versatile they can even be used to treat pets and children!

See what our satisfied customers say

"I had a face like a slapped Twat before I used Lard-o-Matic"
Dolly Spleen (Cardiff)

"I have tried your Lard-o-Matic treatment and I thinks it's marvellous it has certainly improved my flabby bits. I am now looking forward to injecting my Buttocks"
L. Jackson (Lancs)

"I used to be a right skinny Tart, but thanks o Lard-o-matic I gained over three stone"
Tracy Cocksnot (Essex)

"I injected my Testicles, WOW! what a transformation. they're now fucking huge! The injections were quick and easy with only a minimal amount of pain"
Willi Prader (London)

"I used to be as thin as a rake but after using Lard-o-Matic treatments I felt and looked like a new Woman, this gave me the confidence in myself, and a new look, so much so that I went on TV's Blind Date and won!. I would never have had the confidence in myself before the treatments to do this"
Betty Spunk (Hastings)


Betty Spunk from Hastings shown above after her many successful Lard-o-Matic 2000 treatments.

"I was so impressed with my fist Lard-o-Matic treatment that I'm saving up to get my other arm done" 

Barbara  Phuckit - London


Lard-o-Matic treatment of the Testicles carried out in the caring atmosphere of the Betty Hubbard Clinic

I'm Huge Magazine
* "Quick and easy with only a minimal amount of discomfort, very good value for money"

Dr. Skcollob: Our very own online medical advisor says: "I would not hesitate to recommend this fantastic new treatment, I've already injected my Mother in Law's Thighs and Buttocks"

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  Lard-o-Matic treatments may sometimes cause fatal side effects for some users. The treatments may also cause hyperactivity in the young. see example below. 


Manufactured somewhere in the Far East for the 

Betty Hubbard Clinic Ltd.

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** Some areas of the body may require more than one treatment

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  As memorably demonstrated by Dale Winton on BBC TV's Tomorrows World programme


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