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    The Betty Hubbard Clinic

The Betty Hubbard Clinic  41, Fourtney Mews, off Germain street, London WC1 TA4

Betty HubbardThe Betty Hubbard Clinic was founded in 1903 by Lady Hubbard, a pioneer in the techniques of Sex change surgery.

We were the first clinic of our type in the World to offer Sex change operations, when in 1928 Lady Hubbard carried out the first successful Sex change Operation on a Homosexual Chimpanzee called Ladyboy. sadly as this pioneering surgery was still in it's infancy the Chimp only lived for three days. After many more months of experimentation on various other primates and desperate Humans, by Lady Hubbard and her colleagues, the sex change operation as we know it today was perfected.

These days our procedures are carried out in the caring atmosphere of Britainís leading Private Clinic, if you prefer we can perform your operation in the privacy of your own home. Our techniques are safe, effective and affordable. Although we specialise in Sex Change Surgery we offer an extensive range of other services, including our own unique range of special therapies and treatments.

These days we receive more and more requests from patients for a permanent record of their surgery to show to Family, friends and colleagues. due to this demand we can offer you this unique chance to capture your operation on video. For an inclusive fee of  £99+ VAT we will film your operation in itís entirety and provide you with a VHS cassette.

Take a look at our new Sex Change procedure gallery here

Our consultants demonstrate the merits of colonic irrigation with a client

Visit our online expert Dr. Skcollob for FREE medical advice here

For a full colour brochure detailing all of our services, please send the completed coupon to the address shown, together with a payment of £15

Other services available (at extra cost) see brochure for details.
 Bestiality, Chyme infections by urethra/ catheter, Necrophilia. Urine therapy, Autoerotic Asphyxia.

Please send me, under plain cover the Bellwood Club brochure. I enclose a cheque for £15 made payable to:  

Pink Pussy Enterprises ltd. P. 0. BOX 69, LONDON

Sex Change Operations from Only £999 !






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Special Services

Sex Change





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Bukkake Blaster

Miracle Health Tonic

* Over 70  years  experience.

* Transsexual Therapy.

* Cheapest range of Sex change operations in the UK

* Laser treatments for Genital Warts

* Anal pressure Hosing.

* Full range of Genital Clamping & Piercing.

* Penis Enlargement.

* Sex change reversal surgery.

* Genital Infibulation.

* Chyme Injections by Urethal Catheter.

* Private rooms available for Felching.



One of our Sex Change Patients Mike, who is half way to becoming Melinda

Our unique range of specialist services includes:

KNOB-O-MATIC - Penis enlargement injections. Add solid inches to your manhood details here

TESTI-TONIC - Silicon based Testicle enlargement.

LARD-O-MATIC - Adds local areas of fat to most parts of the body details here

MARP - Male Anti Rape Plug. Sewn permanently in place into your Anal cavity details here

CLITOROX - A brand new product for Today's Woman. details here

GUTBUSTER -  a fantastic new diet pill. details here

BUKKAKE BLASTER - high performance spunk squirter details here

DIGI-SNIFF - The Pre-Oral Vaginal Odour Analyzer details here

HERMAPHRODITE-4-U The Worlds first Hermaphrodite Fertility Clinic. details here

All Operations performed by non-Qualified, semiskilled Surgeons, Life Insurance not included (£800) extra. We take no responsibility for loss of life or injury resulting from any of our services.

Please consult your physician before making any healthcare decisions or for guidance about a specific medical condition you stupid cunts. The Betty Hubbard Clinic expressly disclaims responsibility, and shall have no liability, for any damages, loss, injury, or liability whatsoever suffered as a result of your reliance on the information contained in this site. The Betty Hubbard Clinic does not endorse specifically any test, treatment, or procedure mentioned on this site.

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