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The Betty Hubbard Clinic - Body Parts Donation Service

The Betty Hubbard Clinic - Body Parts Donation Service
We are very proud of the fact that we have developed a diverse range of products and services over the years and have been at the forefront of technical innovation since 1903 when we pioneered the first Sex-Change operation. Now you can make a real difference to hungry people all over the World thanks to an incredible new service from Doctor Skcollob and The Betty Hubbard Clinic.

These days obesity is at truly epidemic proportions and it’s a situation we want to see eradicated from society. Because of this growing problem, Doctor Skcollob and his dedicated team of professionals came up with a brand new service: The Betty Hubbard Clinic - Body Parts Donation Service.

This fantastic new service lets severely overweight people donate parts of their unsightly bodies to be made into inexpensive tasty meat products to feed the growing number of hungry people all over the world who would not normally be able to afford a decent meal.

It couldn’t be easier to donate part of your body to our service.
Here’s how it works: Simply book your appointment at The Betty Hubbard Clinic. After contacting us, wait for your allotted operation time slot – your procedure to remove part(s) of your hideous body is carried out free* of charge – you are discharged from the clinic later that day safe in the knowledge that you have not only lost the weight you thought would be impossible but have also fed a poor family.

Donate for FREE* and loose that Gunt, gut, bingo wings and fat arse in one easy operation. You can be in and out the same day! Safe in the knowledge your unwanted fat is being used for a worthwhile cause.

Loose the weight today knowing your body parts are being put to good use in delicious sausages, meatballs, pizzas, lasagnes and faggots.


Loose the weight today knowing your body parts are being put to good use

Just look at what just some of our happy patients say:



“I had three gallons of fat sucked out of my arse. Apparently it was made into over sixty sausages that fed a whole wedding party”
  Betty Smork,  Brighton  

 "I was the size of a fucking bus before I had my Gunt completely sliced off and made into faggots. My life has been transformed, plus it makes me feel proud that a family of poor people won’t go hungry for a while” - Doris Mingepole, Bristol

“ I feel like a new woman now that I’ve had most of my unsightly fat removed. The surgeon told me that he’d cut so much flab off my body there was enough to make a banquet for eight people”
Freda Wallace, Yorkshire

 “Most of my arse was made into a lasagne that fed a family of six”
Shirley Mashed, London

“I was finding it almost impossible to lose my baby weight. Thanks to the skilled surgeons I lost 17lbs of unsightly flab”

Doris Bellend, Scunthorpe

*The Betty Hubbard Clinic requires that any individual we operate on signs a consent form that exonerates us from any injuries, brain damage or deaths resulting from any of our weight loss operations. We also require that every patient signs a disclaimer that gives us permission to use any surgery leftovers that go into in any of our tasty meat products with their consent.  We sometimes find it necessary to perform emergency operations on certain patients due to circumstances beyond our control. In these situations any surgical waste is used in our meat products without the express permission of the individual concerned. A small fee of £700 to cover administration costs is required from patients before any surgery procedure can be carried out. We also recommend patients purchase their own life cover before they are operated on by us.

Why not sign up today for Skcollob Sausage Donor Card.
Be safe in the knowledge that after your death your valuable organs will not be wasted.

Skcollob Sausage Donor Card

Skcollob Sausage Donor Card


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Gunt and herb sausages

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