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Doctor Skcollob's Meaty Pizzas - A new taste sensation

Doctor Skcollob's Meaty Pizzas - A new taste sensation!

Doctor Harry Skcollob has over 38 years experience in the medical field and is now the main consultant at The Betty Hubbard Clinic, London. 

Dr. Skcollob is probably best known for his pioneering sex change surgery procedures. He has performed many successful gender reassignment operations over the years and continues to be kept very busy with his work. It was because of this busy schedule that he came up with the ingenious idea of making tasty meaty products with surgery leftovers.

Due to the extraordinary success of his award winning Meaty Surgical Sausages, meatballs and faggots, Doctor Skcollob decided it was about time he launched another product that utilises the large amounts of surgery leftovers that go to waste every year in this country. With this in mind the Meaty Pizza was developed.

These delicious pizzas are made from the large amounts of surgery leftovers that are removed from patients at the Betty Hubbard Clinic and other hospitals every year. They are guaranteed 100% horse meat free and taste surprisingly delicious with their yummy spicy tomato sauce base. Why not give the kids a healthy* teatime treat that is 70% lower in cholesterol and saturated fat than traditional pizzas.

Choice of delicious toppings spicy cyst, scrumptious scrotum, flavoursome Foreskin, luscious liposuction juice stuffed crust, tasty tissue, Skcollob sausage, meatballs and yummy faggots, plus many more!

Now is your chance to sample the unique taste of these delicious new pizzas for yourself. We guarantee you will have never tasted anything like them before!

Doctor Skcollob's Meaty Pizzas - A new taste sensation!

Just look at what just some of our happy customers say about our delicious pizzas:

"They have a unique taste; Soft and gooey on the top with a crunchy base. They are delicious" - Ricky Mong

"The kids love them with Skcollob Meatballs on top" - Sylvia Slurped

"I found a lucky varicose vein in mine" -
Sid Smashed

"My family love them, but the neighbours do complain about the smell when I'm cooking them" - Eileen Vaginismus

Don't miss out on the great taste of these succulent Pizzas
Get yours ordered NOW!

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 Ingredients: flour, sawdust, tomato sauce, surgery leftovers.

Doctor Skcollob's Meaty Sausages - A new taste sensation!*Nutritional Information per 100g Energy 1100 kcal - Protein 1.9g - Carbohydrate 25.3g of which sugars 0.5g - Fat 99.8g of which saturates 99.3g Dietary Fibre 0.01g Salt 20.52g of which Sodium 16g

WARNING - Doctor Skcollob's Special pizzas are made from surgery leftovers. They may also contain other forms of human flesh and organs, including: Brains, liver, heart, lungs, scrotum, testicles, bladders, vulva, foreskins, kneecaps, intestines, anal tissue, Haemorrhoids plus powdered bones, unidentified surgery leftovers,
liquid from liposuction procedures, blood, pubic hair, gristle, and sawdust.

Not suitable for vegetarians or
Children under 18 Months old.


Doctor Skcollob's Meaty Sausages
Why not try Skcollob Sausages, Meatballs and Faggots. Made from 100% Surgical Meat

Cyril Cyst our Meatball Mascot

PLEASE NOTE: We receive many emails and letters from potential customers who are concerned that eating our delicious range of meat products may be considered an act of cannibalism. You can be rest assured that every* patient who is operated on at the Betty Hubbard Clinic, or any other medial facility that we obtain our ingredients from, has signed a disclaimer that gives us permission to use any surgery leftovers that go into in any of our tasty products with their consent. We hope this will put your mind at ease as you tuck into a yummy Dr. Skcollob creation.

* We sometimes find it necessary to perform emergency operations on certain patients due to circumstances beyond our control. In these situations, surgical waste is used in our meat products without the express permission of the individual concerned.

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Manufactured in the Far East for the Betty Hubbard Clinic Ltd.
made from 100% Surgical meat

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