In this high tech age in which we live, the concept of the pregnancy tester seems somewhat outdated. Sure it can pretty much inform you, with some accuracy whether you're pregnant or not but that's about it. Promiscuity is rife these days so women need to know not just the fact that they may be pregnant or not but also if the father of their child is harbouring anything particularly nasty in their groins.


This is why The Betty Hubbard Clinic and Doctor Skcollob decided to develop their own special device, the P-TEST 200 to not only inform you if you are pregnant or not but also to tell you if the father of your child has any sexually transmitted diseases, including: AIDS, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Hepatitis, and many others. The device also informs you if your developing child has any inherent genetic deformities or sexually transmitted diseases.



This easy to use breakthrough device features twin LCD screens to show any sexually transmitted disease or if the foetus will be hideously deformed or not, allowing you to make an informed choice to terminate your pregnancy if you so wish.


Don't leave it to chance, order your P-TEST 200 tester today for the bargain price of ONLY 39.99


"I made the horrifying discovery that my developing baby would have been born with AIDS and three legs.
Thanks to the P-TEST 200 I was able to terminate the pregnancy straight away - Thank you Doctor Skcollob"

Mary Clunge


"I am too ashamed to say what showed up on the two LCD screens but let's just say I got rid of the bloody thing ASAP. Without this marvellous device I would have been lumbered with something completely hideous"


"Me Stepbrother got me pregnant after we had drunken sex in a hot-tub. Thanks to that tester thing I found out the kid would have been born mental so I got rid"
Chardonnay Wankmangle

*Please note that the accuracy of the P-TEST 200 is not 100% as advertised but approximately 23%. Therefore The Betty Hubbard Clinic and Doctor Skcollob take no responsibility for any misguided decisions you may make as a result of your reliance in this product's accuracy. In other words don't come moaning to us if you give birth to a Hermaphrodite Down's Syndrome dwarf with AIDS. Manufactured in the Far East for the Betty Hubbard Clinic Ltd.


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