With Smeg-Gone from The Betty Hubbard Clinic

The Bell End Cheese Grater!

Banish those 'Bell whiff' blues

Yes Chaps, now you can remove that pungent 'Penis Parmesan' with this revolutionary new Helmet Cheese remover, only available from the The Betty Hubbard Clinic. Say goodbye to Phallic fungi and Gorgonzola. It's goodbye Bell-end Brie, hello Foreskin freshness!

Now you can have the confidence to pull your knob out anywhere and show it to the Ladies knowing that the Cheesy Chopper aroma has gone for good.

Smeg-Gone - For when scrubbing simply wont shift it!

  • Fast rotary action

  • Unique swivel head

  • Reaches right under your 'Polo neck'

  • Shifts dried on Smeg

  • Fully washable

  • hygienic

  • Military tough construction

  • Dishwasher safe


Recommended by the British Felching association

Healthy Knob Magazine ***** "A great device, no Man should be without one of these fantastic little gadgets.

Intimate Gadget Magazine (no stars) Unfortunately this thing was a complete disaster for our tester. It ripped his Bell-end to shreds.

Dr. Skcollob Our very own online medical advisor says: "I would not hesitate to recommend this fantastic hygiene device"


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Manufactured in a sweatshop somewhere in the Far East for the

 Betty Hubbard Clinic Ltd. 

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"Itís so easy to use"

Says TV host
Dale Winton

As memorably demonstrated by Philippa Forrester on BBC TV's Tomorrows World programme

Special web offer price of only



The British Felching Association 

*postage and packaging add ten quid. Batteries not included