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When She Asks You To Go Down There... Do you dare?

Remove that doubt forever with DIGI-SNIFF

        The Pre-Oral Vaginal Odour Analyser



 Another first from The Betty Hubbard Clinic


The DIGI-SNIFF Oral Vaginal Odour Analyser is today’s High Tech Version of the old "Finger Dip" test. Sure, that faithful old technique has saved many "informed linguists" the nightmare of diving blindly into a stench emitting abyss. However, this tried and true, but antiquated system does have one major drawback- you still have to smell your finger! Uuugghh

DIGI-SNIFF The Pre-Oral Vaginal Odour Analyzer is a powerful mini-computer, cleverly disguised as a digital watch. Alter being put through years of rigid testing aboard Tuna Boats, Land Fills, Sushi Kitchens and in Convalescent Homes around the world, DIGI-SNIFF passed the test and has come out smelling like a rose.

When aimed at The possibly offending area. DIGI-SNIFF Will discreetly register a reading on an intensity scale from 1 -100. Any reading over 50 will cause your "WATCH" to start Vibrating alarming you to the danger that waits ahead. You can use DIGI-SNIFF'S user friendly alpha-numeric key pad type in your"conquest's" name and other useful information DlGI-SNIFF will not only record this reading, but time and date stamp your encounter for future reference You can also use the innovative *DIGl-RATE" feature to rate your date from thirty vital categories including BREAST SIZE, ARSE APPEAL, ORAL TECHNIQUE, CREATIVITY and whether or not she wants to be 'Held' or 'Talked to' after the fact. This feature can also be customised for users with kinky tastes.

DIGI-SNIFF is only £399.99. Sure, that's a a lot of money, but you can either pay now or take the chance you'll pay dearly later Don't wait till you've reached the point of no return, get your DIGI-SNIFF.....TODAY

You'll breathe easier TONIGHT!



Take a look at these great features.

  • Highly accurate

  • Microprocessor controlled

  • very discrete

  • Developed in Japan

  • Digital display

  • Long battery life

  • Vibrating alarm

  • Automatic calibration

  • 12 Month Guarantee

Don't take risks use DIGI-SNIFF!

Just look at what just some of our happy customers say:


"This thing has saved my bacon on many occasions"
Terry Quiop, Macclesfield

"Me and all my mates each bought one of these great little gadgets. We've made up our own little game with them. We all go out on a pull a pig night on a Friday and see who can fuck the biggest old slapper! The person with the highest DIGI-SNIFF reading wins! - My personal best is 98. I still can't get the taste out of my mouth, she was fucking awful"
Dick Clinger - Leeds

"Awesome, just Fucking awesome. Worth every penny, I've now earned my 'red wings' thanks to this wonderful device"
Harry Twat, Birmingham


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Which Sex Gadget Magazine ***** "This marvel of Japanese miniaturisation performed with 100% accuracy in our minge cleanliness detector tests. It also passed the unforgiving 'Dr. Skcollob Tuna Test' with flying colours. Highly recommended and guaranteed not to leave a nasty taste in your mouth!

Dr. Skcollob
Our very own online medical advisor says: "Well how do they do it?! This superb little device is a must for any 'Man about Town'. Imagine the scene, you're out on the pull one night and shack up with some tart. Back at her place you're not too sure about 'going south' but suddenly you feel the reassuring buzz from your wrist and realise the DIGI-SNIFF has once again given you the all clear signal ! - FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC !

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Warning: In a very small percentage of unrelated cases DIGI-SNIFF units have been known to explode, causing Serious injury or even death.

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