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                 The Betty Hubbard Clinic  41, Fourtney Mews, off Germain street, London WC1 TA4

Doctor SkcollobWhen it comes to Sex change operations we are simply the best in the business!

we have over 70 years experience of this procedure. our Sex change operations are the best value to be found anywhere and start at the unbelievable price of only £999.

 We believe that our prices are the best to be found anywhere in the World*, if you have a procedure performed by us then later find an operation advertised at a cheaper price anywhere on the net*, we will gladly refund twice the difference! Don't delay book your surgery now!


Our top surgeons prepare for another successful sex change operation.

Penis removal - ouch!

Is your own Doctor or  psychiatrist unwilling to recommend you for a Sex change operation?

sex change- well i'd eat it!
Some unidentified surgery leftovers ready for the incinerator or maybe a treat for the surgeon's dog?


That's not a problem with us, we guarantee to operate on anybody of any age** and that's a promise! 
 Our procedures are carried out in the caring atmosphere of Britain’s leading Private Clinic, if you prefer we can perform your operation in the privacy of your own home.

Our techniques are safe, effective and affordable. Although we specialise in Sex Change Surgery we offer an extensive range of other services, including our own unique range of special therapies and treatments.

We receive many e-mails from potential clients who have worries as to what our sex change procedures entail. To put your mind at ease, we have put together this selection of images with descriptions of the techniques used.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge

The first step. Testicle removal. This is not as painful as it looks and is usually carried out under local anaesthetic or even hypnosis.

The penis and testicles successfully removed. These have been donated for a Female to Male procedure. We don't waste a thing! They can even  be turned into earrings for the patient if required.

A piece of the patients intestine is used for the inner wall of the new vagina. This helps to make  intercourse feel very realistic.

The new outer lips made from leg muscle and testicle sack tissue, ready to be sewn in place.

Nearly  finished now. The newly created vagina is covered with protective gauze and tubing to keep it all securely in one place. We don't want bits dropping off at this stage!

Two days after the operation, and everything is looking fine!
One Month after the operation. the new vagina looks and feels great! Only one step away from being a true Woman!

One of our top surgeons makes the final touches to his new creation.

Things don't always  go to plan, even the experts make mistakes Sometimes!

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Another satisfied sex change customer of the Betty Hubbard Clinic
Another satisfied customer - We think you'll agree that the result of our gender reassignment procedure is stunning!

sex change gone wrong messed up
This patient decided to have a male to female procedure carried out under local anaesthetic. Half way through the operation he/she? decided to change their mind and wanted the operation stopped. Unfortunately the op was at the half way stage so we could do little to help.
Please let this be a warning to you if you are thinking of having your procedure carried out in this way.

Shown below is a brief  guide to the techniques used for the average sex change operation (Male to Female)

sc1.jpg (5304 bytes)

sc2.jpg (5288 bytes)

sc3.jpg (4243 bytes)

sc4.jpg (3877 bytes)

Stage 1.
Penis removal with surgical pliers

Stage 2.
Testicles removed ready for Vagina shaping.

Stage 3.
The Vagina takes shape
Stage 4.
The finished Vagina. Now you are a true Woman!


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* Over 70  years  experience.

* Transsexual Therapy.

* Cheapest range of Sex change operations in The UK

* Laser treatments for Genital Warts

* Anal pressure Hosing.

* Full range of Genital Clamping & Piercing.

* Penis Enlargement.

* Sex change reversal surgery.

* Genital Infibulation.

* Chyme Injections by Urethral Catheter.

* Private rooms available
 for Felching.


Sex change reversal surgery from only £3999+vat

Take a look at the other products and services offered by The Betty Hubbard Clinic.

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All Operations performed by non-Qualified, semiskilled Surgeons, Life Insurance not included (£1800) extra. We take no responsibility for loss of life or injury resulting from any of our services or procedures.

Please consult your physician before making any healthcare decisions or for guidance about a specific medical condition. The Betty Hubbard Clinic expressly disclaims responsibility, and shall have no liability, for any damages, loss, injury, or liability whatsoever suffered as a result of your reliance on the information contained in this site you ignorant cunts. The Betty Hubbard Clinic does not endorse specifically any test, treatment, or procedure mentioned on this site because none of them work. In simple terms, don't come running to us if we can't sew your balls back on when you change your mind.

* Excluding the back street brothels of Thailand
** Ages 3-99

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