FelchMaster - 3000




The current Felch Pump we sell has been phenomenally successful, but here at the Betty Hubbard clinic we are always striving to keep you up-to-date with the most modern day technology.

The need for a more modern Felching device has been apparent for a long time; we've had many requests over the years for a more powerful appliance with a potent non manual action. After many years of research by our in-house development team and with the assistance of the world renowned Doctor Skcollob the FelchMaster - 3000 was born.


Made from surgical grade stainless steel and hi-tech plastics, this marvel of miniaturisation is at the cutting edge of adult pleasure technology and is now regarded by many in the adult industry as the finest and most advanced felching apparatus in the world.


This easy to use device will make your felching sessions a real joy. As the rigid nozzle slides effortlessly into your partner's orifice and you flick the switch to power it on you will hear the reassuring hum of the inbuilt compressor start to do its work. Now your most depraved felching sessions will be an absolute joy.



      Take a look at these great features: 


  • Made of stainless steel for easy cleaning

  • Uses 4 AA batteries

  • Easily holds 50ml of fluid

  • Powerful Inbuilt mini compressor

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Sucks and squirts

  • Discrete styling

  • Totally safe*

  • Powerful action


Order your FelchMaster-3000 today for the bargain price of ONLY 129.99



Take a look at these customer recommendations:



"I was initially disappointed with the results of the FelchMaster- 3000 as my anal cavity swelled up to what felt like three times its normal size. After some experimentation and choosing the correct pressure settings I can now say I am delighted with the product"



"This thing is such an improvement over the original Felch Pump. It could suck an orange up a hosepipe - bloody great!"

Timothy Titt


"Thank you Doctor Skcollob, you've helped rejuvenate my sex life"

Harold Dukfuk


"I bought one of these things for my ninety year old grandmother as a joke birthday present. To my surprise and horror she actually uses it for its intended purpose"

Rick Spleen

Recommended by both the British & American
 Felching Associations

FelchMaster - 3000

FelchMaster - 3000

* Please note: The FelchMaster - 3000 uses a high pressure system and so great care must be taken when operating this device as anal lacerations and internal organ damage may occur if the wrong pressure settings are used. Please read the instructions carefully before use. On no account should this apparatus be used for any other use than its intended purpose of felching or serious injury may occur. Adult supervision should be given at all times. The Betty Hubbard Clinic and Doctor Skcollob take no responsibility for any damage or injury that results from the misuse of this product. Not recommended for use with pig semen. Warning: In a very small percentage of unrelated cases FelchMaster - 3000 units have been known to explode, causing Serious injury or even death.

 Manufactured in the Far East for the Betty Hubbard Clinic Ltd.


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