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In this section you'll  find a list of our favourite weird & funny links.

Flush the web1000's of sites here

Humourlinks 1000's of comedy sites here

Bizarre, sick  but  great site for strange pics. and video downloads etc.

News-at-Ten. Great news spoof site

Speeds-cartoons-jokes, cartoons, funny pictures, e-cards,etc.

Comprehensive humour web directory 
Ahmed Kazikian Industry
If you like our site you'll like this one
The University of the Bleeding Obvious
Some Great humour sites here
Funny Find! The Funny Search! Click Here!
Spacer UK
Here's a good site for various weirdness and stuff
More humour here
and here 

Even more here

Daily diversions and personal therapy

More humour sites here - Humour Directory and Search Engine.

Have you looked at our Glastonbury pages? here's the link to the official Glastonbury festival Site

If you want to see some really ugly Bastards

and download some very strange (and sick) mpg's 

then take a look at this site Bangedup

This is a great site for funny video downloads and stuff Punchbaby

Another good site full of links to some really Weird Web Sites


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