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In June of 2001 seven of The New Site of the Weird team went to Portugal for a week to relax, drink lots of alcohol and annoy the locals.

As you might expect the holiday didn't quite go to plan, for a start our neighbours didn't appreciate our disgusting naked drunken pool antics at 5 o'clock in the morning. They were definitely very happy to see us leave. Alcohol Detoxification was very important for one member of the team (who will remain anonymous) ,he was found unconscious on a roundabout one afternoon pissed out of his mind. How he found his way back to the villa remains a mystery, he must of had help from the beer fairies.
Unfortunately we only remembered we'd paid a 300 deposit for the villa after we had wrecked the place in a drunken orgy of violence, naturally we lost lost our deposit on the place. When we eventually left for home our driver decided to drop us all off at the local filling station instead of the airport, which was not exactly what we had in mind. At least we all made it back home alive!

We returned as the June 2002         Follow us on Twitter


doll3.jpg (190758 bytes) doll23.jpg (205635 bytes) port20.jpg (31774 bytes) port25.jpg (49118 bytes)
doll 1 doll 2 Detoxification time (again) Some people never learn
port12.jpg (38339 bytes) port2.jpg (44744 bytes)
Little man in a boat They've still got the scars
lookatbaldy.jpg (48934 bytes) dingy.jpg (41071 bytes)
"I don't fancy yours much"3 tarts in our boat
port19b.jpg (40450 bytes)
Depraved pool antics We had a warm welcome at the airport Nice shirt


We recently found the video footage from the G.O.L.F.E.R.S. holiday that was thought to have been long lost. Here's a Preview video. We're giving away a limited number of FREE DVDs. email us here if you're interested in a copy

pave-pizza.jpg (91353 bytes) tits out the lads reciept.jpg (83090 bytes) beach-girls.jpg (83788 bytes)
It's important to pace yourself when drinking the local beer. We enjoyed the scenery at the local  beach. As the receipt states, we each had a tube each. A trio of totty at the beach bar
bbq2.jpg (39504 bytes) doll-bonk.jpg (30500 bytes) villa.jpg (80831 bytes) port23.jpg (58623 bytes)
"I hope you like your burgers well done love" Pissed up retards Obviously we lost our deposit on the villa Totally Fucked
T-SHIRT.jpg (55748 bytes) tower1.jpg (42539 bytes) croc.jpg (117977 bytes) crocattack.jpg (17428 bytes)
So that's what it stands for! For Christ sake, get down! Nice Croc Nasty Croc 
bwsit.jpg (46090 bytes) port444.jpg (58804 bytes) sharkattack.jpg (32189 bytes) More holiday and weird
croc of shit "I'm a lifeguard"  They didn't check the pool

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G.O.L.F.E.R.S. Holiday page Naked vacation snaps and photos


The G.O.L.F.E.R.S. in Portugal

This page is dedicated to the memory of Timmy S.    1949 - 2010