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For some reason the UK is jam packed with nutters. We've all seen them in our Cities, towns and villages, wandering the streets with their eccentric ways. Whether its holding up traffic pretending to be a lorry whilst running up the inside lane of the M5 motorway or merely hanging around parks and street corners looking scary, Nutters are everywhere! This is why we decided they should all be catalogued for future generations to study, but we need your help. If you know of a nutter in your area or you've just spotted one on your travels, fill in the nutter watch form and send it off to us today so we can compile the biggest and best database of nutters in United Kingdom.

area spotted: Shepton Mallet



deranged twat

Here's some recent nutter reports we've received

Area spotted
: Shepton Mallet, Somerset, UK

utter's name: Gecko Feet

Behaviour of nutter: Seen hanging around 'Shepton Shops'.  This nutter has hideously weird feet, spread out like a gecko.  His other nickname is 'Craghopper' due to his ability to keep his balance whilst defying precariously dangerous terrain.  He is also known to be able to open bottles of beer and pour into a glass with his feet.  He is identifiable by his zombie walk and his grunting, a sound like Joey Deacon.  Beware of him on a full mo


Area spotted: Braintree, Essex

Nutter's name: hedge row hunk

Behaviour of nutter: Hiding in hedge rows especially in parks, woods and back street walkways and waiting for unsuspecting dog walkers (especially little old ladies) and snatching the animals they so dearly love and dogging them in the bushes. Seen mainly in the early hours of the morning.


Area spotted: Bury

Nutter's name:  wacky bastard

Behaviour of nutter: He was in a bush rubbing a tree whilst licking a cats ass and sucking a dogs cock and taking pictures of kids walking past whilst boniga monkey


Area spotted: Taunton

utter's name: Taunton Tranny

Behaviour of nutter: Seen wandering the streets of Taunton with greasy receding hair yanked into a ponytail, wearing an ill fitting fleece with a floral skirt and matching croc shoes. Walks with a stick in a strange way that may indicate that his/her? bits are still sore from the recent gender reassignment operation.


Click here for video (Thanks AB)


Area spotted: Brighton Hollingdean

Nutter's name: Catherine

Behaviour of nutter:  she goes through bins and collects rubbish and take it home to her flat and she also eats grass drops rotten food out the windows

Area spotted: Oxford

Nutter's name: The welsh wizard

Behaviour of nutter:  He walks around sometimes on all fours licking the floor and even seen him lick people's shoes as they are sat down!!!! he also carries around a blow up sheep and a pot of Vaseline. Please do not approach him

Area spotted: Foxton Locks

Nutters name: Evan O'dorney

Behaviour of nutter: Following people up and down the locks, talking to self (pretending to have friends) and talking to them on the phone when there is nobody there, trying to get people to talk to him constant shaking of head.

Thanks to Daniel for this submission

Area spotted: lfracombe

Nutters name:
edga brownhat

behaviour of nutter: sings the national anthem to all dustbins around the town while on his knees

Thanks to Bot for this submission

Area spotted: Cantley, Doncaster

Nutters name: Keith D

behaviour of nutter:
Abducts southerners for his evil plans and captures Scottish people from all over the UK!

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