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Here's a character guide to the British animated television series
 for Children called 'Pigeon Street'

A NSOTW reader managed to find out the truth about these characters that may shock you!



Bob, Reg and Doreen
This dodgy bastard is called Bob.
Heís the owner of 'Bob's Porn Emporium', a shop of depraved filth, most of it done with animals. Bob owns some pigeons (see I fucking told you) and takes part in competitions (I bet he does). He lives with his brother Reg, (what's that about) who works in the park (Oh!). Reg is married to Doreen, a ballroom dancer (I bet there's not much ballroom when those to weirdoís are pummelling Doreen's Flaps.)




William, Betty and Jim
William the window cleaner (Spends a lot of time on Bobs windows, I bet) is married to Betty. They have a son called Jim (Out of wedlock no doubt, dirty bastards.)




Clara and Hugo
Long distance clara, the lesbian lorry driver, is married to Hugo the cock. (like a babies arm holding an apple) He also bears an uncanny resemblance to Arnold Pisstanga


Mr Jupiter

Mr Jupiter and Flash
Mr Jupiter is an astronomer and is always carrying his dick in his hand. He has a dog called Flash. (DOGGING) He slept on the bench in the park and looked at the stars. (What can I say about that)


Mr Baskerville

Mr Baskerville and Watson
Mr Baskerville is a dick and is always carrying his magnifying glass so he can see his tiny winky. He has a dog called Watson who loves to lick pal off his owners Boneo. He lives on the 13th floor of sky rise court flats which reeks of piss.



Daisy and Rose
The two old piss ridden coffin dodgers Daisy and Rose lived next door to each other. Daisy feeds the pigeons mustard sandwiches, which make pigeonís explode, but Rose scares them away by flashing her saggy Nan bread like breasts.


Dr Shipman

The Shipman's
Dr Shipman is married to Mrs Shipman. They have three children: Molly, Polly and Gerald. Molly and Polly are twin lesbians. Gerald is their older brother and play with his cock while the twins lez up and drink from each others furry kiddy cups.  

Dr Shipman is due to see Daisy and Rose very soon.

Mrs Shipman

Molly and Polly Shipman

Gerald Shipman

Mr Macadoo

Mr Macadoo
This Scottish Cunt owns the pet shop. He's an expert on animals. (WELL, IT WOULD FUCKING HELP) He supplies a lot of the animals for Bobís home made videos.

Mrs Patel

Mrs Patel
This Taliban loving cock smoker loves nothing more than to blow up things whilst flicking her coffee bean. She once performed in a Bukkake video which had all the male members of Pigeon Street, quite happily shooting their gunk over her smelly skin.

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