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Here's a rather sad showbiz tale

A NSOTW reader managed to find out the sad truth about one of the UK's least know comedy entertainers






Poor Barry GammonThis man is Barry Gammon one half of the famous 1980's comedy duo Gammon and Eggs.

Barry and his partner Gary Eggs met while working together at the Nabisco food packing plant in Clitheroe and it was there that they got a reputation of entertaining their fellow workers in the staff canteen at break time. One day a fellow packer Alice Slack, later to be Barry's wife, told the hapless pair they should be on the stage. The two men talked long and hard over this suggestion and after a while decided to jack in their jobs and go on the road in search of stardom

The pair did their ground work in the hard working men's clubs until finally in 1983 they broke through into TV with an appearance on New Faces. Guest panellist Larry Grayson described them as extremely average and said they could "open his shut.
door" anytime.

Children wait in anticipation for the start of
 the Gammon and Eggs 1984 Christmas special.

The pair went from strength to strength on shows as meteoric as 3.2.1,Summertime Special and even Lucky ladders. The pair, armed only with their famous catchphrase "I've put some cream on but its still itchy" became the nations favourite double act. families used to wait eagerly all year to huddle round the TV and watch the famous "Gammon and Eggs " Christmas specials.

Everything was marvellous until the 1990"s rise of reality TV and the inevitable death of the old guard of entertainers.

Gary did try to adapt with his own reality TV show "fertilise my eggs" in which celebrities would sleep with Gary's wife Yvonne Eggs and the lucky contestant who made Yvonne pregnant would be crowned "king of the swimmers"

Barry however went down a different path and after his lovely wife Alice left him for the ex radio 1 disc jockey Bruno Brookes, he slipped into a world of drink, drugs and hookers.

He was last seen in a bar in Macclesfield dressed in his trademark 'sozzled clown' suit surrounded by freaks and dancing lesbians.

Poor Barry Gammon.





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