Help for zeros is a charity setup to help those people in society that do not conform to the perception of ‘normal’ These poor people are normally found on the edges of society and are usually shunned and ridiculed for how they look and behave. It is all too easy for people like this to be ignored or even punished for their strange behaviour and appearance and be described by some as nutters. Therefore, we have setup this charity to help these individuals integrate back into society, so they can at least lead some sort of normal life. With your generous help we can provide the much-needed assistance these people are so desperate for. By donating just £3 per month you will be helping these social lepers lead a more satisfying life.
Charity terms and conditions: Please note that donation payments are £3 per day and not £3 per month as stated. A small charge of £18.49 is added to your initial donation to cover the cost of credit card charges and other hidden costs. All donations made are charged an interest fee of 29.89%. £2.99 from every £3 donation made is used to cover administration costs and other expenses and is transferred to an offshore company. All payments made are based on an 18 Month contract and cannot be cancelled under any circumstances. Your home could be at risk if payments are missed. Please be aware that this charity is not regulated by the charity commission. The information contained in this site does not constitute legal, commercial or professional advice and must not be relied on as such.
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total raised so far £3.47
How we spend your generous donations £200 pays for therapy to cure them of their trainspotting obsession £80 will have their living accommodation fumigated £10 will buy an individual a sensible pair of trousers £8 will buy them a basic haircut £1 will buy them a can of deodorant or a bottle of shampoo
Here’s just one of our many success stories. Keith Cumonarat - up until recently Keith was the head chef and owner of a guesthouse in Great Yarmouth. Unfortunately, due to mental health issues, Keith had a total meltdown and was found wandering the streets of his home town in a state of dazed confusion, wearing nothing but a pair of filthy socks and a bobble hat. With our help he has been found basic living accommodation and a job. We are happy to report that he is now a consultant chef at Chez Skcollob Bistro in London. There are many more like Keith out there, this is why we are so desperate for your help.
When you Signup and pledge just £3 per month, you will receive a free Help for Zeros charity window sticker.
Here is just a small selection of comments from our wonderful contributors “I’ll do anything to help them poor people, so I’ve sold my house and all my belongings to donate to this worthy cause” - Mary Clunge “I ain’t too clever but them people at that charity told to me it would be a good idea to give them all my money, so I did” - Tarquin Phuknugget “I was so desperate to help these poor people that I sold one of my kidneys and donated the money to this fantastic charity” – Hilda Gland
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