Technologically advanced award winning products and services brought to you by the World famous Doctor Skcollob and The Betty Hubbard Clinic. For many years Doctor Skcollob and The Betty Hubbard Clinic have been at the forefront of cutting-edge medical product design and services. Since 1903 we have strived to bring you the most unique and innovative products possible. We are proud to showcase these amazing products here in one portal for the first time ever.
From the common cold to full-blown AIDS, only Doctor Skcollob’s Miracle Health Tonic is guarantee to cure 98% of all know diseases. This brand new tonic formula sensation has taken the medical world by storm. Now it's your chance to try this marvel of medicine yourself as we offer it to you for the unbelievable introductory price of  £29.99
Ever had the situation where a gerbil or other small rodent has become lodged in an inconvenient, uncomfortable or embarrassing place, and even a plumbers mate won’t budge the little blighter? What you need is the patented Pneumatic Felch Pump guaranteed to shift any solid or liquid mass that is blocking progress. Buy one today and shove it up your arse
The Knob-o-matic is the World’s first true Penis enlargement system. With Just one simple injection you can dramatically increase the size of your Penis by up to 50%. The treatments are carried out using a syringe filled with various animal fats, silicone, and our very own secret Ingredient. 
Miracle Health Tonic
Felch pump
“I've been a big fan of The Betty Hubbard Clinic and Dr Skcollob for many years since receiving a Felch Pump for my eighteenth Birthday. I also regularly give blood to be made into black puddings.”  Alf Vankfast, London “I never go on a date without wearing my trusty Digi-Sniff as there are some real dirty bitches out there. This thing has got me out of trouble on many occasions.” Gary Bellend, Scunthorpe
Expand-o-Max Penis pills
Any woman that says penis size is not an issue in the bedroom department is lying. When one hundred men were surveyed as to what part of their body they would most like to change, 98% said the penis. This why we developed Expand-o-Max
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Bukkake Blaster
Hermaphrodite 4-u
Felchmaster - 3000
Recommended by the British Felching association
The patented MARP is a technologically advanced plug type device which is sewn permanently in place into your anal cavity, by our own trained surgeons at The Betty Hubbard Clinic. If you prefer the device can also be fitted in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The MARP uses a unique one- way Gas-Vent™ non-drip valve so your own body gases and solids are easily passed out of your system, but nothing can enter into it, so you are kept 100% safe all of the time.
The new Bukkake Blaster™ is the first product of it's type in the World. Designed and manufactured in Japan exclusively for The Betty Hubbard Clinic. Just think of all the great fun you can have with this great new toy. These are great fun at parties, weddings, orgies, Dogging, School reunions, BBQ'S etc. With it's powerful 200psi pressure system it allows you to shoot your man muck over thirty feet. This award winning high performance spunk squirter is unique to us, you will not find these for sale anywhere else. 
The need for a more modern Felching device has been apparent for a long time; we've had many requests over the years for a more powerful appliance with a potent non manual action. After many years of research by our in-house development team and with the assistance of the world renowned Doctor Skcollob the FelchMaster - 3000 was born.
Thanks to years of research at the Betty Hubbard Clinic it is now possible to make your dream come true. Imagine the look on your friends faces, they wont believe the fact that you have a unique and wonderful child. We are the only clinic in the world to offer this procedure. Using specially created genetic engineering and specialist cloning techniques, our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive and flexible service of the highest standard using the latest fertility techniques and minimal invasive gynaecological surgery
DIGI-SNIFF the Pre-Oral Vaginal Odour Analyzer is a powerful mini- computer, cleverly disguised as a digital watch. Alter being put through years of rigid testing aboard Tuna Boats, Land Fills, Sushi Kitchens and in Convalescent Homes around the world, DIGI-SNIFF passed the test and has come out smelling like a rose.
P-Test 200
Lard-o-matic 2000 is now a simple, safe and cost effective means of adding local areas of fat to most parts of the body. The treatments can be carried out in the caring atmosphere of the Betty Hubbard Clinic, or if you prefer the the implants can be carried out safely and easily in the comfort of your own home.Now Lard-o-matic 2000 makes it easy to inject large amounts of fat into most areas of the body.
In this high tech age in which we live, the concept of the pregnancy tester seems somewhat outdated. Sure it can pretty much inform you, with some accuracy whether you're pregnant or not but that's about it. Promiscuity is rife these days so women need to know not just the fact that they may be pregnant or not but also if the father of their child is harbouring anything particularly nasty in their groins.
Banish those 'Bell whiff' blues Yes Chaps, now you can remove that pungent 'Penis Parmesan' with this revolutionary new Helmet Cheese remover, only available from the The Betty Hubbard Clinic. Say goodbye to Phallic fungi and Gorgonzola. It's goodbye Bell-end Brie, hello Foreskin freshness! Now you can have the confidence to pull your knob out anywhere and show it to the Ladies knowing that the Cheesy Chopper aroma has gone for good.
Betty Hubbard Cruise
Blood Donation
Body part donation
Circus and Freak Show
The Betty Hubbard Cruise Company™ proudly present a once in a lifetime opportunity to set sail on that luxury perverse cruise you've always dreamed of, as we invite you to board our magnificently converted factory ship the 'Pearl Necklace' for her maiden voyage of the North Sea discovering new Worlds of perversity. This one-off cruise is designed for the Bachelor or the married man who can slip away from the Wife and kids for ten days. The fun starts as soon as you step onboard, our all Female crew are completely topless!, you're guaranteed a really great time.
Now you can make a real difference to hungry people all over the World thanks to an incredible new service from Doctor Skcollob and The Betty Hubbard Clinic.After many months of research and tests, Doctor Skcollob and his dedicated team of professionals came up with a brand new service: The Betty Hubbard Clinic Blood Donation Service. This fantastic new service lets anyone donate their surplus blood to be made into tasty inexpensive Black Puddings and other meat products to feed the growing number of hungry people all over the world, who would not normally be able to afford a decent meal. 
These days obesity is at truly epidemic proportions and it’s a situation we want to see eradicated from society. Because of this growing problem, Doctor Skcollob and his dedicated team of professionals came up with a brand new service: The Betty Hubbard Clinic - Body Parts Donation Service.This fantastic new service lets severely overweight people donate parts of their unsightly bodies to be made into inexpensive tasty meat products to feed the growing number of hungry people all over the world
Welcome to the exciting world of circus. Doctor Skcollob is proud to present the most perverted circus show on earth. Doctor Skcollob's Amazing Circus is packed with a fantastic combination of perverse sexual acts, animals and many other unique performances. Our remarkable artistes bring you an exciting mix of acrobatics and sexual feats. There are performing animals and many other acts such as clowns etc to keep you entertained and astonished. 
Doctor Skcollob  came up with the ingenious idea of making these tasty sausages with surgery leftovers.
He realised that so much delicious meat was going to waste every day, as most of the bits being cut off from patients were simply being thrown away in a skip or incinerated, and so his Gunt sausage was born.
Doctor Skcollob decided it was about time he launched another product that utilises the large amounts of surgery leftovers that go to waste every year in this country. With this in mind the Special Spicy Meatball was developed.
These delicious pizzas are made from the large amounts of surgery leftovers that are removed from patients at the Betty Hubbard Clinic and other hospitals every year. They are guaranteed 100% horse meat free and taste surprisingly delicious with their yummy spicy tomato sauce base. Why not give the kids a healthy* teatime treat.
These delicious faggots are made from the large amounts of surgery leftovers that are removed from patients at the Betty Hubbard Clinic and other hospitals every year. They are guaranteed 100% horse meat free and taste surprisingly delicious in their yummy extra thick gravy. Why not give the kids a healthy* teatime treat that is 70% lower in cholesterol and saturated fat than traditional meat products
Gunt     Herb  Sausages N Doctor Skcollob’s a a
A brand new product by Doctor Skcollob and The Betty Hubbard Clinic has just been launched