Doctor Skcollob is proud to present the most perverted circus show on earth.

Welcome to the exciting world of circus.
 Doctor Skcollob is proud to present the most perverted circus show on earth.

Doctor Skcollob's Amazing Circus is packed with a fantastic combination of perverse sexual acts, animals and many other unique performances. Our remarkable artistes bring you an exciting mix of acrobatics and sexual feats. There are performing animals and many other acts such as clowns etc to keep you entertained and astonished.

The performances and acts in this show have to be seen to be believed. See the astonishing sights of Bertha the Porker on the tightrope, Jerko the clown, The Flying Trannies, The Bukkake Blaster Girls and not forgetting the sight of The Felch Queen Dancers, plus; performing elephants, lions, tigers and many other animals.

Doctor Skcollob's Circus is will coming to town near you soon. Keep a look out for our posters plastered all over the place and our wagons full of noisy malodorous animals.

Our circus extravaganza is fantastic, but don't take our word for it, take a look at these audience recommendations.

"The Circus was bloody great; I've never experienced anything like it in my life. The Bukkake Blaster Girls act was a real eye opener. Worth every penny"

"I thought the show was great, although my 89 year old mother-in-law didn't appreciate it much. Ungrateful bitch"

"I was lucky enough to take part in one of the audience participation shows, it was fucking marvellous. My balls still ache."

"I was stunned at what one of the performers did with that horse. She obviously has no gag reflex"

"Jerko the clown was very funny, although I did notice some members of the audience didn't see the funny side of his act. I think they'll have a tough time getting the stains out of their clothes"

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The Bukkake Blaster Girls - A jizztastic performance you won't believe


The Felch Queen Dancers and The Big Top Show Girls

Bertha the Porker- she's the size of a juvenile elephant see her walk the tightrope

The Freaks - An unbelievable interactive Sex Show with audience participation.


Zano the Magnificent - See him lift Bertha the porker above his head

Jerko the Clown - Be astonished as Jerko smashes pies filled with fanny batter
 and love custard into the faces of the audience

Shirley Tuls - 70 year old Shirley really knows how to put on a show. See her perform her amazing erotic belly dance show and entertain you like no other dancer you’ve ever seen before. You won’t believe what she can do with a length of rubber tubing, a tub of water based lubricant and her seven foot Burmese Python called Doris. Shirley’s erotic routine has a unique twist though; the member of the audience who gives her the biggest tip gets to have their evil way with her live in the circus ring as part of her show.

Plus - The Flying Trannies - Gender reassigned Trapeze Artists. Performing elephants, lions, tigers and many other animals

Only £49 per ticket. Ringside interactive ticket £100. Adults only.

Don’t delay - book your ticket now for a great night of entertainment you’ll never forget!

Coming soon! A brand new show by Doctor Skcollob - Amazing Freaks of the World

 Amazing Freaks of the World

Please note that this show is note suitable for children. Doctor Skcollob and The Betty Hubbard Clinic reserve the right to amend or cancel the show at any time. Refunds cannot be given. Please do not attend the show if you are offended by bestiality. Please remember that wild animals can be unpredictable and dangerous, therefore we accept no liability for any animal injuries, such as tiger attacks etc. We would also recommend that members of the audience who purchase interactive ringside tickets and participate in the performances get tested by their GP for any possible sexually transmitted diseases after returning home from the show.


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