menu Starters Soup Made with freshly extracted bone marrow and helmet cheese for an intense meaty flavour served with crusty Bread and love butter. Omelette Traditional Omelette made from freshly extracted ovaries served with a Mr Virile Yoghurt dressed salad Mains liver Thinly sliced flash fried Liver, served with mashed Potatoes drizzled with a Garlic and Melelot red wine sauce Meat Special Oven roasted Breast meat stuffed with Spinach and helmet Cheese served on Mash, and drizzled with a creamy mulled wine cider sauce Leg Shank English leg Shank Slow roasted and coated in a Black pudding and Paprika Glaze, sat on a bed of Sweet Potato Mash Meat three ways Pan seared Gunt, Barbecue Pulled ligaments and Skcollob Sausages: slow roasted crispy crackled Belly on mashed potatoes or French fries Top Rump Medium rare roasted Rump buttock served on Creamy Mash, Spring Greens and carrots drizzled with a mulled wine Sauce Condom Haggis Our very own signature dish of minced gunts, intestines, and other lumps of surgery leftovers mixed with oatmeal and boiled for eight hours in a condom for a unique meaty taste. Served with mashed swede and smothered in a rich gravy Pizza Freshly cooked to order, these pizzas are available in two exciting flavours. Meaty foreskin or meatball and Gunt Sausage and mash A British classic with a twist. Gunt and herb sausages served with mashed potatoes and extra thick gravy. Faggots Succulent meaty faggots served in a rich gravy sauce. Served with mashed potato and carrots. Pasty scrumptious pasties made from freshly minced gunts, surgery leftovers and finely chopped herbs. Served with French fries and gravy. Drinks A choice of cider, mulled wine, Melelot Red wine, and Kack beer
Welcome to Chez Skcollob bistro - A restaurant with a difference Doctor Skcollob is pleased to announce the opening of his exciting new restaurant located in the newly completed extension to the Betty Hubbard Clinic in London. Chez Skcollob bistro is an exciting new dining experience like no other. If you are bored with the same old dishes found at even the trendiest of eating establishments in London, then why not try dining at this restaurant with a twist. All the dishes served at Chez Skcollob are made using the freshest cuts of surgery left-overs from the Betty Hubbard Clinic and local hospitals. Book your table today and treat yourself and friends to a dining experience like no other!
Please note: We receive many emails and letters from potential customers who are concerned that eating our delicious range of meat products may be considered an act of cannibalism. You can be rest assured that every* patient who is operated on at the Betty Hubbard Clinic, or any other medical facility that we obtain our ingredients from, has signed a disclaimer that gives us permission to use any surgery leftovers that go into in any of our tasty products with their consent. We hope this will put your mind at ease as you tuck into a yummy Doctor Skcollob creation. * We sometimes find it necessary to perform emergency operations on certain patients due to circumstances beyond our control. In these situations, any surgical waste is used in our restaurant meals without the express permission of the individual concerned.
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What better way to show your friends and loved ones how much you really care than by buying them a Chez Skcollob Gift Card. Available to purchase online these cards can be used in our restaurant, these gift cards start at £100 and are great value. So, if you are stuck for an idea for a present this year, then look no further!
Elsie Cocksocks
Rick Flob
Keith Cumonarat
Burt Quack
Meet the chefs – Our multi-talented chefs have been chosen for their unique culinary skills. They also helped develop the Skcollob Diet Plan Meals Rick Flob is an award-winning chef, food writer, and author of the book – Food for fat fuckers he is also an ambassador for the Betty Hubbard Clinic. Elsie Cocksocks is a cook with a passion; she is devoted to helping really fat people make a long-term commitment to eating well and feeling amazing by using surgery leftovers to make delicious meals. Burt Quack is head chef at the award winning Highbridge Hotel in Somerset. We are delighted we can utilise his unique cooking skills in our development kitchen. Keith Cumonarat was up until recently the head chef and owner of a guesthouse in Great Yarmouth. We are pleased he has joined us here as a chef, as his unique curries were very popular in his home town.