Welcome to our website. we look forward to welcomeing you to are Hotel in the hart of the West Country.

Hotel proprietors Eduardo Spamboiler & Portencious Perineum

Special news - Don't miss our 10th. Anniversary Party here at the hotel. Book your ticket now for a fantastic night of depraved antics. Hurry places are limited. Click on the poster for more info. Every Friday night is Pull a Pig Night. Scroll down for more info

ROOM RATE OF ONLY £15 per NIGHT----Deatils of our SPECIAL girls shown below-from only £10 per night!!-why not come to our Dogging night!

Come and join us for a night of depraved entertainment every Friday as we host a a night of felching and depraved antics.meet up with loads of old slappers who are up for anything. Tickets are only £15 and all drinks are only £2 all night!. Hurry places are limited.


 We have a special deal available to readers of the new Site of the Weird of ONLY £10 per night to celebrate there 20th. anniversary--- don't delay book your stay now!

Take a look at these great reasons to to book your stay with us:

  • Garanteed Cockroach free

  • Rooms only £15 per night

  • Minibar in every room

  • Fresh sheets every week

  • Cheap palatable food

  • Online booking

  • Female companions available ( ONLY £10 per night!!

  • daily specials

The Bridal Suite - Make your Wedding night special!
 Please note that this room is due for refurbishment soon

A typical bedroom

shiity bathroom- dirty aint it
Most bedrooms have on sweet bathrooms

A minibar & TV is available in every room

on sweet bathroom
(please note that the plumbing problem in this room has now been fixed and the effluent safely drained away)

                   Great cuisine style food served in our restaurant

We now have our very own internet suite available in the Hotel reception area

Children's play area

Toilet facilties

Welcome to the Highbridge Hotel special girls area

All are girls are great value because the price you see is per night not per hour and the girls are HIV free*
we think you will agree that the girls are great value and nice. why not treat yourself.

click on pictures for larger view of the beautiful babes

Bertha- big bertha sure is a handful but she will do anything you like. She was voted whore of the year 1973 and has been working ever since. Tracy- Don't be fooled by this innocent looking babe. This dirty bitch is willing to do the most depraved things you can think of Leena- This skinny babe has just recovered from anorexia but don't let that put you off rattling her bones
Little Betty - Don't let the fact that this babe wears glasses put you off. this depraved bitch fucks like a rabbit she's guaranteed to keep you up all night!

Big Betty -Try try this giant babe. have your evil way with  her for only £8 per night

Edna - beautiful GILF loves it in all the different ways (LIKES SCAT)

Matilda - Great figure and will try anything once! and most things more than twice! Tammy - great body, great tattoos plus she's a real goer!

Helga - this Russian sex freak may have three times the amount of testosterone usually found in a woman but don't let that fact stop you squirting your muck up her dung trumpet!

Heather - This chunky babe loves rimming

old slapper 94 year old doris
NEW GIRL Doris - Don't let the fact that Doris is 94 years old put you off from spending the night with her. She has many tricks up her sleeve and is guaranteed to show the most experienced man a thing or two

NEW GIRL Lady in Red. This girl is a real handful. when She sits on your face you will have an experience you will never forget. take her all night long with her kinky antics, She's a real bargain too as it costs us a fortune in kebabs keeping her this size.

NEW GIRL Ethel. Yes believe it or not this babe is 100 years old. You'll have to be quick to book her though as many men want to get one over on their friends so they can say they've banged a centenarian!


Lots more babes coming soon!

One of our regular guests gets friendly with one of our special girls .At only £10 per night who can blame him!

We would like to thank everyone who attended our recent special needs swinging weekend. Shown above are Gladys Doris and Jeffery

if you are a reguler visiter why not apply for our special new loyalty card and collect points every time you bed one of our babes. we've teamed up with The New Site of the Weird to offer you cut price rates for there products when you collect enough loyalty points. so don't delay get shagging today!!

 Video of are big babe Matilda in action with one of our recent visiters

Highbridge Hotel guest of the year 2016

We are proud to announce the winner of our guest of the year award. Every year, me and my partner portencious hold a competition for the guest we think has done the most to give our hotel a good name and also brings in the most money for us. This year’s winner is Helmut Crabbs, a travelling toilet brush salesman from Bristol.

Helmut Crabbs
Helmut Crabbs
poses for the camera

“I am really pleased that I won the award this year as my job selling toilet brushes door-to-door is fucking difficult at the best of times. I have to sell about eighty of the bastards a day just to keep my head above water. I been staying at this hotel for loads of times like. It is a really nice place and the rooms are really cheap too, but I reckon they could be a bit cleaner as I’m sure the last time I stayed there I woke up and seen a live rat on my pillow, Well, either that or I were pissed out of my fucking mind.”

“What I like best about her place is the really cheap booze and the whores they got there. The ladies they have on offer is up for anything, you name it, and most of them will do it, well, apart from that hundred year old one as I think it’s all getting a bit too much for the poor old dear now, but least she gives it her best shot. Golden showers, scat, rimming, water sports, felching, they'll do the fucking lot!. They is good value as I can get a room and a bird for the whole night for only about £35. I’ve met some really interesting characters at the hotel too. I become friends with that bloke what won it the other year - Bernie Kuntwhistle. We’ve had some great nights there getting fucking wrecked on the local cider then going back to his room for a threesome with one of the girls. Some of the things we get up too with them tarts would make your toes curl I can tell you.”

Helmut’s prize for winning this year’s event is a bottle of Ukrainian 'champagne', 500 Fuckedher loyalty card points
and a night with a girl of his choice.

Highbridge hotel - Guest of the Year Award 2013

We are proud to announce the winner of our guest of the year award. Every year me and my partner portencious hold a competition for the guest we think has done the most to give our hotel a good name and also brings in the most money for us. This year’s winner is Bernie Kuntwhistle, a travelling thimble salesman from Cardiff.

Bernie Kuntwhistle, a travelling thimble salesman
Bernie Kuntwhistle poses for the camera in our luxury sweet

“I am so pleased to win this award as I stay in a lot of different hotels all over the country, as my job as a travelling thimble salesman takes me all over the UK. I can quite safely say that the Highbridge hotel is my favourite place to relax and unwind after a stressful day on the road.

Selling thimbles is a fucking difficult job at the best of times, as the market for the bloody things is very limited these days, plus there is the added competition from other, commission hungry salesmen out there. Because of the stress of the job I need a place to stay that has decent food and a comfortable bed. Unfortunately the Highbridge Hotel has none of these, but what is does have to make up for the quite frankly, diabolical food and uncomfortable, dirty beds is an extremely low room rate, and from what I can gather, is the only hotel in the country that has its own in-house prostitutes. The room rates are so cheap that sometimes I don’t even bother to fiddle my expenses, and of course the price they charge for a night with one of their twelve ladies is fantastic value. I think I’ve bedded most of them now, so I’ve probably earned enough points on my Fuckedher loyalty card to have my evil way with one of the babes for free or maybe even a reduced rate threesome. When you’re on the road as much as I am there’s no time for a proper relationship, so the Highbridge hotel is the ideal place to get my head down and my cock up.

The hotel is the perfect place to meet up with other likeminded travelling salesmen. I’ve had some great nights here, discussing the thimble business, getting pissed out of my mind on the local cider and then going back to my room to shag one of the hotel’s girls senseless. I would like to thank the guys at the hotel for awarding me this prize and say, keep up the good work. Oh, one more thing, please don’t publish any of this on your website as I don’t want my wife finding out about my win”

Bernie’s prize for winning this year’s award is a bottle of Bulgarian champagne, a meal of some sort and a night with a whore of his choice

Coming soon to the Highbridge Hotel - Belly dancing night with the exotic Shirley Tuls.

 Shirley Tuls.

70 year old Shirley really knows how to put on a show. See her perform her amazing exotic belly dance show and entertain you like no other dancer you’ve ever seen before. Shirley’s erotic routine has a unique twist though; the member of the audience who gives her the biggest tip gets to have their evil way with her live on stage. Don’t delay - book your ticket now for this great night of entertainment you’ll never forget!

Adults £15 (hotel residents £10) Children £8 family ticket £30. Bar open until late. All drinks £2

Shirley appears courtesy of Doctor Skcollob's Amazing Circus


join us now you depraved cunts

Join us every Saturday night for are fabulous meat buffet. Each week end one of are girls invites you to eat as much sliced meat and cheese as you like from there naked body. Its a great night full of depraved antics, and at only £12 a head is shure to please. All drinks only £2 all night and local cider only £1

Every Friday night is pull a pig night here at the Highbridge Hotel. Come and join us for a night of depraved antics and meet up with loads of old slappers who are up for anything. A buffet of delicious Skcollob sausages is included too so you won’t go hungry. Hurry places are limited, so get your ticket ordered now! Click on the poster above, print it out and stick it in your window to help publicise our event

Please remember that our hotel is a FELCH FREE ZONE

online booking form - don't delay book your stay now!

filthy pants

would the owner of these pants please collect them from reception. They was found in one of the rooms by a guest.

coming soon - DOGGING WEEKENDS in the car park

Please note that prostitutes are not permitted in rooms after 2am. A small (none returnable) deposit of £100 is required for each room and prostitute booked online to cover the cost of credit card transactions. Please do not complain about the food as we do our best with the limited kitchen facilities we have due to us having to sell most of our equipment to pay for a hygiene fine last year. Although bedding, towels and delousing powder are supplied in all rooms, it is recommended that guests supply their own towels and polythene mattress protectors.
* Although we try our best it is not possible to fully guarantee the true medical condition of our ladies. For best results wear two condoms when porking them -- you have been warned!
 Please also remember that the hotel is a Felch free zone.

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