Everyone knows that medical procedures can be costly, that’s why we decided that everybody should have the chance to fulfil their dream of transforming their hideous body with a life changing procedure carried out by our dedicated team of health professionals here at the Betty Hubbard Clinic. Private healthcare with the Betty Hubbard Clinic may be more affordable than you think, with a low cost Skcollob medical loan. Whether it’s a Sex-change operation, weight loss surgery, a simple MARP fitting or cosmetic procedure, Skcollob Health Finance, our finance provider, offers you a different way to cover the costs of your treatment so enabling you to go ahead with the highest quality medical care treatment without a delay or worrying about payment. With a low-cost medical loan, there’s only a small* deposit required and you simply pay back the cost of your treatment with 12 equal monthly payments, with low** interest charges.
Representative Example: Amount Of Credit £3,500. Total Amount  Repayable £23,500 Repayable by 12 payments  of £2350. Interest rate 1430% (fixed). Representative 678.0% APR Example based on a medical procedure costing  £3,500 repayable over 12 months. Other Terms  and Conditions apply. Acceptance subject to credit status and intrusive medical check-up.
If your loan falls into arrears we make the following promises on how we will deal with it: We will try to treat you with some respect and courtesy at times. We recognise that you don't want to be in arrears and we will always work with you to get you back on track as quickly as possible by the use of extreme violence where necessary. We will always keep you informed and give you advanced warning before we take any action to publicly humiliate you, or in extreme circumstances, use violence to get our money back. We will charge you an extortionate rate for late or missed payments, letters, texts, phone calls or any of the work we do. We will never use courts to enforce a debt as a last resort, as we have our own methods to get our money back.
Company terms and conditions: Whilst some care is taken to describe our loans in an accurate and honest way, some terms and interest charges may differ from the advertised description. Although the terms of our loans are checked periodically by an independent financial ombudsman, we cannot guarantee these products will be free of any rather unpleasant hidden costs to you. ** All payments made are charged an interest fee of 1430% All payments made are based on a 12 Month contract and cannot be cancelled under any circumstances. Your home and health could be at risk if payments are missed. *A deposit of £1000 is required before we can approve your loan or proceed with any type of medical procedure. A small (non-refundable) processing fee of £18.49 is added to your loan application to cover administration costs. The Betty Hubbard Clinic and Doctor Skcollob take no responsibility for any misguided decisions you may make to take out a loan with us. Please allow up to 128 days from the date of your application for any payment to be transferred into your bank account. The information contained in this site does not constitute legal, commercial or professional advice and must not be relied on as such.
FAQ’s WHAT LOANS DO YOU OFFER? We offer loans of £1,000 to £25,000 with fixed monthly payments over 12 months. HOW DO YOU WORK OUT MY PAYMENTS? You tell us the amount you’d like to borrow and we’ll tell you the huge monthly amount to repay. CAN I FIND OUT IF I MAY BE ELIGIBLE FOR A LOAN WITHOUT IMPACTING MY CREDIT RATING? No WILL YOU BE MAKING A CREDIT CHECK ON ME? Yes. We’d be mad not to. DO I NEED TO SEND IN EXTRA PAPERWORK? Yes. We require your bank statements for the last 12 months, a copy of your birth certificate and passport, plus the deeds of your house. If you plan to borrow more than £5000 we also require a spare set of keys to your house and car. WHAT HAPPENS IF I CANNOT REPAY MY LOAN In the first instance we will send you numerous threatening letters demanding you repay the outstanding debt. If the money owed is still not repaid in full after 28 days from the receipt of the last letter sent to you, then our team of highly skilled debt collectors is sent to your house to gently persuade you (at gunpoint) to repay the loan. Your name, address and photograph are then added to our blacklisted insolvents web page. You then have a further 28 days to repay the loan in full. If the loan is not fully repaid after this time, you are evicted from your house and the property is duly sold at auction to cover the outstanding debt owed to us and numerous other fees you will subsequently be liable for.
“Thank you Doctor Skcollob. Thanks to your wonderful loan, I can now afford to have my hideous gunt sliced off”
“I didn’t need nothing done to my body but Doctor Skcollob told me it would be a great idea to take out one of these loans, so I did. It were good cause I could spend all the money on booze and prostitutes”
“I was desperate for a sex-change operation but my doctor was unwilling to approve me for this life-changing surgery, plus the cost would have been prohibitive. Not only did doctor Skcollob  perform this operation for me without asking any awkward questions, but I was also able to pay for this rather expensive procedure thanks to a Skcollob loan. I will probably be paying off this debt for the rest of my life, but I think it the money has been well spent”
Loans are subject to status and only available to UK residents aged 18 and over.  Skcollob medical loans is the trading name of The Betty Hubbard Clinic Limited.
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