Perhaps you’ve stumbled across this web-page and realised you have an interest in pig felching, but you are not a farmer and don’t own a pig. Well, worry no more as we can now supply you with a bottle of 100% organic and freshly squeezed pig semen to satisfy your felching needs in the comfort of your own home. This one litre bottle is chilled, wrapped in insulated plain packaging and sent directly to your door in under 24 hours so you can fulfil your felching cravings with ease.
Please note that joining fees are non-returnable. A small charge of £18.49 is added to your initial payment to cover the cost of credit card charges and t-shirts. All payments made are charged an interest fee of 29.89%. All payments made are based on an 12 Month contract and cannot be cancelled under any circumstances. Your farm could be at risk if payments are missed. *The remaining 22% couldn’t read the survey form.
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“I love it, the pigs love it and my wife tolerates it. So what’s not to like?” Billy Wankenstien - farm animal enthusiast
Here is selection of comments from our farming community members
“I been doing this felching lark on pigs since I were a youngen, it’s really good and that and I think everyone should try it. I find it a great way to relax after a hard day making my mulled wine and pasties Cyril Kringe- farmer
“They is only fat, stinking stupid pigs. I couldn’t give a fucking toss what people say about me being perverted for doing it. I love it and that’s that” Dick Sponge - farmer
“It’s not sick in any way, it’s natural. It don’t say nowhere in the bible that you can’t felch a pig, so get over it” Harold Gland - farmer
Welcome to the Somerset Farmers for Pig Felching Association Website We farmers have been felching pigs and various other farm animals here in Somerset for over 100 years. We feel the need to publish this site to spread the word about our rather eccentric and controversial practices, as we feel we have been unfairly represented by our community and local press over the years. Many of us have been victimised and even imprisoned in the past for an involvement in a totally natural and healthy pastime that is no harm to anyone or anything. We know for a fact that the pigs absolutely love it and more often than not, come back for more. Pigs are very intelligent animals so they know exactly what the game is. If they didn’t like it, they wouldn’t do it. We strongly feel that the world needs to know about our unusual hobby, so why not join our group and be part of fastest growing sexual fetish practice in the UK. If you live in the County of Somerset and you’re a farmer or a smallholder and love pigs, then why not contact us today and be the first to find out how this wonderful hobby can change your life. We’ve had a growing membership for several years and this currently stands at over 80 farmers. This success is attributed to a strong team of perverts with their own specialist areas of depraved expertise. These farmers constantly promote the interest, attending various events such as organizing pig felching demonstrations and classes at various levels to assist other farmers in their techniques. This constant drive not only encourages other farmers to take-up the practice, but brings in new members and encourages them to get stuck in and enjoy this pleasing pastime so, thus fulfilling the association’s constitutional objectives “to advance the practice of pig felching and to promote and foster the education of its members, and of the public.” – Hence our motto - Nos vilis porcos
membership starts at just £79 per year and includes a starter kit consisting of: Water-based lubricants Pig restraint harness Instructional video Tissues Access to our members’ forum, where you can converse with like-minded pig enthusiasts.
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Recommended and fully endorsed by The British felching association.
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Promoting rural fetishes across the UK in partnership with the Somerset Sheep Shaggers Society
Join the fastest growing pig felching community in the UK. 78%* of our members said they would recommend us to other like-minded individuals.
I joined by post. It were easy!
We know that many farmers across the county do not have access to computers or the internet due to their fear of ‘new-fangled technology'. If this is the case then you can join us by post by sending a cheque for £79 to: Bellend Farm, Little Shyting, Somerset SHI T69
Finlay Phuckton - farmer
Somerset Sheep Shaggers
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