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We could tell you that our Cum-Sticks are the best in the business, but in the end nothing matters more than what you our valued customers think. Below are just a few of your comments.
“These things are great as I can easily fit three of them up my arse to soak up the aftershock of a heavy sex session with my partner Federico” Big gay Steve - Brighton “my husband doesn’t cum often, but when he does it’s by the bucket load. Thanks to these wonderful sticks I easily can clean up the gloopy mess “ Mary Clunge – Jaywick “even though I once had to go to hospital to get one of these things removed from my pussy, I would still recommend them” Doris Kunt - Cardiff “I get more satisfaction from these than my inadequate husband. Plus, they soak up all his disgusting spunk” Hilda Gland - Bristol "I bought one of these things for my ninety-year-old grandmother as a joke birthday present. To my surprise and horror, she actually uses it for its intended purpose" Rick Spleen - London “After I’d shot my load into my wife, she used to waddle across the hallway like a demented penguin, dripping like a fucked washing machine. Thanks to Cum-Sticks she has managed to regain some sort of dignity” Bernie Kuntwhistle, Cardiff
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Recommended by the UK Medical Association. Quick, safe and easy to use. 100% efficient Can be used in the vagina or anus Dishwasher safe Biodegradable Reusable
Company terms and conditions: Whilst some care is taken to describe our products in an accurate and honest way, some aspects of their construction may differ from the advertised description. Although the quality of our Cum-Sticks is checked periodically, we cannot guarantee these products will be free of any rather unpleasant bacteria or other hostile micro-organisms. If it appears that during or after the use of our product that you are becoming ill, we recommend that you seek medical help immediately. We cannot be held responsible for any loss of life however caused arising from the use of our products, including: distress, inconvenience or anxiety and is entirely done so at your own risk. Whilst every care is taken to remove any shards of glass from our Cum-Sticks, some may remain. Keep out of the reach of small children and pets. This product is still in its infancy and has not been fully tested, so therefore may cause heavy internal bleeding and womb damage. Do not rely on this cleaning process totally as it has been known to cause serious health problems such as toxic shock syndrome and death. Please consult your doctor before committing yourself to any unproven scrubbing procedures or taking any untested or unlicensed medication. Prolonged use of this product may cause cancer. The Betty Hubbard Clinic shall take no responsibility for the misuse of any equipment used by us due to insufficient staff training. We show little respect for your personal information and your privacy and will share or sell your information to other organisations or the highest bidder. The information contained in this site does not constitute legal, commercial or professional advice and must not be relied on as such
Here at the Betty Hubbard Clinic we have been at the forefront of Medical innovation since 1903 when we pioneered the first Sex Change operation. Now, with our vast experience of everything medical, we can help you with your sexual cleaning routine. For many women (and gay men) the post sex clean-up can not only be very messy and awkward but also hugely embarrassing. Thanks to pioneering research by Doctor Skcollob and the boffins at the Betty Hubbard Clinic, any woman’s after-sex cleaning routine is now hygienic and easy. If you’re fed up with trudging from the bedroom to the bathroom, leaking as you go to mop your dripping undercarriage with toilet paper, then these new Cum-Sticks are just the thing you need Made from recycled wood and highly absorbent plastic foam, these sticks provide a simple but effective method for soaking up the aftermath of the most rigorous sex sessions At only £19.99 for a pack of 10 sticks we believe this is a small price to pay for your total peace of mind.
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only £19.99 for a pack of  10 sticks
Cum-Sticks are made from the most absorbent sponge for a quick and easy clean
We are so confident that you’ll love the cleaning power of Cum-Sticks that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.