Welcome to the Snuffington-Smith Gorilla Charity Foundation Due to the sad and untimely death of our beloved gorilla, Charlie at my estate petting zoo in 2014, I decided to honour his memory by setting up this charity foundation to help other gorillas in their natural habitat. By adopting a Gorilla from The Snuffington-Smith Gorilla Charity Foundation, you will be providing much needed funds to help train people to protect not only the Gorillas down in deepest darkest Africa, but also their dwindling habitat. Your valuable donation of only £3* per month will help ensure a better and safer future for one of the planet’s most endangered hairy beasts. When you make your first donation you will receive an adoption pack with four delightful gifts: A personalised certificate of adoption A fact sheet about Gorillas A cuddly Gorilla toy A Gorilla adoption car sticker
Welcome to the Snuffington-Smith
Helping to save the endangered gorillas of Africa
Gorilla facts The Gorilla is the largest species of monkey in the World. The male may weigh up to 500 kilograms (approximately 1140 lbs.) when it’s in adulthood. The species is made-up in three distinct subspecies: the mountain gorilla, the eastern highland gorilla, and the northern highland gorilla. Despite to its imposing, muscular frame, the gorilla lives mainly on fruit, leaves, roots of plants, and small monkeys. The gorilla is generally a polygamist (whatever that is) and its typical group consists of a male leader, called a silverback, because in the olden days they were used by miners to carry baskets full of ore down from the steep hills of silver mines. The silverback is in charge of the group’s movement routes and camping locations, and also carries the responsibility of guarding the group from various intruders such as tigers, horrible big snakes and other enemies. All of the three types of gorillas live in the forests of Africa: the western highland gorilla in Cameroon and Central Africa, the eastern highland gorilla in the western region of Zaire, and the mountain gorilla in the mountain region that strides the Zaire-Rwanda border and the forests of Uganda. Most of these habitats are not protected by laws and the number of the species is decreasing year by year due to unrelenting poaching for their heads, bones, fur and tasty meat. In addition, due to deforestation for mining, the number of gorillas has decreased and the possible extinction of the species has become a concern in all areas. With your valuable donation of just £3* per month, we believe we can make a real difference to these animals’ lives and dwindling habitat.
* Please note that donation payments are £3 per day and not £3 per month as stated. A small charge of £18.49 is added to your initial donation to cover the cost of credit card charges and fluffy toys. All donations made are charged an interest fee of 29.89%. £2.99 from every £3 donation made is used to cover administration costs and other expenses and is transferred to SSHF (Snuffington-Smith Holiday Fund) All payments made are based on an 18 Month contact and cannot be cancelled under any circumstances. Your home could be at risk if payments are missed. **99p from every pound donated is used to cover administration and other costs. The remaining penny is eventually sent to Africa to help the gorillas.
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Please give generously to help us save one of the planet’s most endangered animals
Henry Snuffington-Smith
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How we spend your money Without your valuable donations we would find it impossible to make this much needed conservation work possible. These magnificent creatures need your help now! as your commitment to them is the only thing keeping them from extinction. We use you the money you so kindly give us in a number of different ways: Firstly a small percentage** of every £1 donated is used to cover administration costs here at Felchem Hall where the charity foundation is based. Of course, as you can well imagine, keeping a wonderful house and estate such as this in operation is a very expensive and time consuming business. A large percentage of your pledges are used to keep the house and grounds in operation and to help with extortionate staff and insurance costs. The remaining money is send to our Gorilla conservation unit in deepest darkest Africa, where our charity workers are given the rudimentary training needed to look after these splendid beasts. Thank you for your invaluable help and please give generously to this cherished cause. Henry Snuffington-Smith.
“I’ll do anything to help animals, so I’ve sold my house and all my belongings to donate to this worthy cause” Mary Clunge
Here is just a small selection of comments from our wonderful contributors
“I ain’t too clever but that Snuffington–Smith told to me it would be a good idea to give all my money to his charity, so I did” Tarquin Phucknugget
“I just love those cute little monkeys, so I’ve re-mortgaged my house and given all the money to this very worthwhile cause” Dick Sponge
“£3 a month is a small price to pay to help save these wonderful creatures” Bunty Forbes-Grainger
“I was so desperate to help these poor animals that I sold one of my kidneys and donated the money to this fantastic charity” Hilda Gland