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welcome to Felchem Hall
Home to the Snuffington-Smith Family Since 1792

A great day out for all the Family Tour the the historic Hall, Have luncheon in the recently converted stable block,  browse the beautiful objet d'art available in the gift shop or for a special treat why not pamper yourself in our recently opened Health Spa.

We are excited to announce our 2nd. Winter Wonderland  event here at Felchem Hall. Book your tickets now for a spectacular Christmas experience you and your family will never forget.
Children only £35 and adults go free! PLUS we have just launched our Christmas Children's charity appeal for 2017. Details here

We have launched our very own lottery. Enter here for you chance to win 1 million pounds every week!



Tales From Felchem Hall - The autobiography of Major Henry Snuffington-Smith is available know. Available in all good bookshops for only £29.99

Recommendations from our visitors -

"The kids loved the 'whack a peasant' game"
Barry Shitt

"The Skcollob sausages served in the Tea Room were delicious"
Edna Snout

"We bought a lovely commemorative Snuffington-Smith family tree plate in the gift shop. It now takes pride of place on our mantelpiece"
Mable Mince

"The Cream Tea was delicious but a tad pricey at £15"

Ivor Minge


A very warm welcome awaits you at my delightful home.

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you about my wonderful ancestral home of Felchem Hall where you can visit my lovely domicile, have luncheon at the converted stables, pamper yourself at the health spa and purchase the beautiful objet d'art available in the gift shop. All for the great value price of only £49 per person (health spa treatments available at extra cost) 

Felchem Hall has been the beating heart of the local community for many generations. The Snuffington-Smith family have been custodians of this delightful house since a family of peasants were turfed off the land over 200 years ago by one of my ancestors to build the wonderful building that stands here today. 

After much deliberation I decided it was about time the old place was opened to you the delightful public. Transforming the family seat has not been without its many annoyances and obstacles over the last year, I must admit, things have certainly not been easy as you will well know if you've happened to read my blog describing the whole messy business of transforming the stable block into a tea room, gift shop and health spa.

If the trials and tribulations of the past year were not enough, I've now taken the bold step of building a Children's Petting Zoo that will be be opening in the summer of 2013.  

Why not bring your family* to Felchem Hall today, enjoy your tour of this mighty house and gardens and take advantage of the many onsite attractions. I do hope you leave with happy memories and something expensive from the gift shop.

We are delighted to announce that Felchem Hall Petting Zoo is now open to the public for the 2016 season. Why not bring your family to meet our wide range of charming animals. We have rabbits, guinea pigs, ponies, goats, ducks and donkeys for your children to feed and handle and not forgetting our star attraction! - Charlie the Silverback Gorilla

Come and meet our lovely little friendly animals today.

Download your very own FREE Felchem Hall Petting Zoo car sticker here.



Now your children can take home a souvenir of their visit to our delightful petting zoo by purchasing this cuddly toy of our star attraction - Charlie the gorilla. This lovely toy comes complete with realistic prosthetic forehead and menacing eyes. ONLY £29.99. Why not visit our gift shop for many other souvenirs to take home from your memorable visit to Felchem Hall.

adopt a gorilla

By adopting a Gorilla from The Snuffington-Smith Gorilla Charity Foundation, you will be providing much needed funds to help train people to protect not only the Gorillas down in deepest darkest Africa, but also their dwindling habitat. Your valuable donation will help ensure a better and safer future for one of the planetís most endangered hairy beasts. When you make your first donation you will receive four delightful gifts.

∑ A personalised certificate of adoption

∑ A fact sheet about Gorillas

∑ A cuddly Gorilla toy

∑ A Gorilla adoption car sticker

* Please note that donation payments are £3 per day and not £3 per month as stated. A small charge of £18.49 is added to your initial donation to cover the cost of credit card charges and fluffy toys. All donations made are charged an interest fee of 29.89%. £2.99 from every £3 donation made is used to cover administration costs and other expenses and is transferred to SSHF (Snuffington-Smith Holiday Fund) All payments made are based on an 18 Month contact and cannot be cancelled under any circumstances. Your home could be at risk if payments are missed.




  Felchem Hall, just off the A303 near Little Shyting.



*Please note: The management reserve the right to refuse entry to Felchem Hall and its onsite attractions to any person not deemed fit to enter. This includes Chavs, Scumbags, Gypsies, people from Council estates, anyone with the surname Wankmangle, miscreants and any other undesirables. You may also be asked for your postcode upon entry. Please adhere to our dress code by wearing suitable attire when visiting the hall, tracksuits and hoodies are not permitted and we would prefer gentlemen to wear ties.


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