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Everybody loves Kebabs, except these from Little Chef

I like a leg

Help! my head's stuck

egg head Bastard Twat

To many pies for you my baby!

Oh dear I think it was something I ate 

0uu9.jpg (34034 bytes) fuck-sign.jpg (26055 bytes) splatter.jpg (42158 bytes) bodybits.jpg (21579 bytes) lovebag.jpg (28670 bytes) pfgfod.jpg (31125 bytes)
For Christ sake love put it away Strange name for a village WHOOPS! it just went off in my hand Look what I found in my freezer

freshly wrapped for you Sir


The man from Del Monte he say yes!
itv.jpg (75930 bytes) hotdogs.jpg (66542 bytes) shitpants.jpg (65944 bytes) funnyface.jpg (8191 bytes) SpyCam.jpg (11058 bytes) poker-bike.jpg (32667 bytes)
 NO WAY! Surely Not on Children's TV?  Yum Yum hotdogs  You've been framed dirty boy  What the fuck are you doing Mr. Dentist

Dirty old surfing Nun Bitch

You fat Slag get off my bike

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