Welcome to the River Parrett Mud Bath Experience Since the dawn of time, mankind has been looking for alternative remedies for various diseases, and for centuries, thermal water and mud baths have been the first choices for those suffering from various skin conditions. The mud baths here in Bridgwater are basically a natural combination of soothing mud and rotting vegetation, that have formed in the River Parrett for thousands of years. Mud baths are known for relieving muscle and joint pain as well for their detoxifying properties and aiding circulation, plus, it’s great fun too! The mud found in the River Parrett is rich in magnesium and sulphur. The mineral-rich mud not only draws impurities from the skin but also gives the feeling of mental wellbeing. Rich in various nutrients, the mud is mixed with sea water and fermented overnight. Since the water is around 17 degrees Celsius, it is warmed before use. To receive the maximum benefits from the mud, visitors should spend a minimum of one hour soaking in the baths. Generally, patients should make yearly visits to the mud baths here in Bridgwater to maintain their healing results. Colin Duty-Smith – founder
Terms & conditions Please note: The management reserve the right to refuse entry to The River Parrett Mud Bath Experience to any person not deemed fit to enter. This includes Chavs, Scumbags, and Gypsies, people from Council estates, miscreants and any other undesirables. Any visitor(s) believed to be acting in an inappropriate manner such as lewd drunken or sexual behaviour, fighting, exposing their genitals to staff members etc. will be handcuffed and forcibly expelled from the confines of the site. A small deposit of £100 is required at the time of booking to cover the cost of any breakages etc. Only food and drinks supplied by our supplier Cyril Kringe may be consumed at the site. We would advise that any visitor to the mud baths wears appropriate footwear as we cannot guarantee the absence of glass shards, or any other dangerous foreign objects in the mud. Although the quality of our mud is checked periodically, we cannot guarantee that it will be free of any rather unpleasant bacteria, Coronavirus or other hostile micro-organisms. If it appears that during or after your visit to the mud baths that you are becoming ill, we recommend that you seek medical help immediately. We cannot be held responsible for any loss of life however caused arising from the use of our products or services, including: distress, inconvenience or anxiety and is entirely done so at your own risk.
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“The experience was fantastic for my skin and great fun. I really enjoyed it” Billy Crapjam, London “Who would have thought that mud from the River Parrett would have so many health benefits” Theobald Shagmonk, Bristol “we got covered from head to toe in the gloopy mud. It was great fun and excellent value too. Highly recommended” Bernie Kuntwhistle, Cardiff “The kids absolutely loved it. A highly recommended day out on the banks of the picturesque River Parrett” Tarquin Phuknugget - Bridgwater
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This nourishing cream is simply formulated using high quality natural ingredients - pure Bridgwater mud from the river Parrett, which contains a rich blend of beneficial minerals, mixed with honey and natural oils. As a beauty treatment, the mud aids deep cleansing, revitalises the skin and minimises the appearance of wrinkles on the face. On the body, it draws out toxins and makes your skin appear smoother and tighter.
The River Parrett Mud Bath Experience, Church Farm, Dunball, Bridgwater, Somerset
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