* Please note that this controversial product has not been proven to work for everyone and may cause some rather unpleasant side-effects such as: impotence, depression, anal tearing, penis shrinkage, vaginal dryness, heavy internal bleeding, memory loss, excessive flatulence, diarrhoea and many, yet undiscovered side-effects. On no account should this product be consumed, as this could lead to seizures or even instant death, due to the extraordinary high levels of sodium polyacrylate and other rather unpleasant chemicals and constituents contained within it. The Betty Hubbard Clinic shall take no responsibility for the misuse of this product or any other merchandise supplied by us or any of our partner companies. Please consult your doctor before taking any untested or unlicensed medication. The information contained in this site does not constitute legal, commercial or professional advice and must not be relied on as such. Ingredients: sodium polyacrylate, chalk, talcum powder, sodium hydroxide, beaver anal glands, minced fish bladders, artificial colours, hetroclox99, homocell256, gaybenderlox, elasteen251, mercury, Strontium 192, chlorine trifluoride,
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Here is just a small selection of our wonderful success stories
Doctor Skcollob’s Excrestop - Unlike other treatments Excrestop enema tablets, not only prevent diarrhoea but also stop you shitting yourself in the first place, with their special plug-like properties. Excrestop is the only diarrhoea treatment available on the market today that is guaranteed to stop you shitting yourself due to its self-seal expanding properties. Here’s how it works: As liquid waste comes into contact with the plug, it expands instantly into your anal cavity, preventing any liquid escaping from your body. it forms a tight seal that prevents you experiencing any embarrassing problems in public. Don’t embarrass yourself, get Excrestop now and never shit yourself in public again! Only £29.99 per pack of six
Easy, safe and convenient to use Works with 100% efficiently Never embarrass yourself in public again Fast and effective relief
Excrestop is so easy to use. Simply lie on your side and insert one tablet into your anal cavity. you will be then protected for approximately eight hours
I once shit myself at family party after drinking a huge amount of cider and devouring the buffet. After this hugely embarrassing event I thought I’d try Excrestop. I’m glad I did, as since using it I’ve had no other rather awkward situations whilst drunk” Billy Crapjam london “I’ve never shit myself, but I use Excrestop every day, just in case. Thank you Doctor Skcollob, once again your wonderful products have saved the day.” Miranda Cuminacat “I once shit myself at a friend’s wedding after consuming far too much champagne and wedding cake. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my whole life as the effluent went everywhere, including the bride’s dress. If only Excrestop had been available then, things could have turned out a whole lot better. In future I will be using Excrestop before I attend any family functions.” Elsie Cocksocks, Birmingham “Once you get used to using these things, they are surprisingly comfortable. I sometimes get a helpful neighbour to come around and insert mine for me, as I find them difficult to push up myself.” Mary Clunge
five star reviews
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