Doctor Skcollob’s Hyperlize - The amazing Health Drink  In these busy and demanding times in which we live in, most people don’t have the time or the inclination to lead a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, Doctor Skcollob and his team of professionals here at the Betty Hubbard Clinic have devised an amazing health drink – Hyperlize. Packed with vitamins, fibre, minerals and our own very own special secret ingredients that are unique to this product. Hyperlize contains fruit, vegetables, antioxidants, vitamins, fibre, and many other life-giving ingredients that help your body ward off many diseases. In fact, the ingredients in Hyperlize are so powerful that it can help prevent and even cure cancer. By consuming just one of these special drinks per day, you will immediately feel the difference this product makes to your waning body. This new, specially formulated health drink is the ONLY beverage of its kind guaranteed to work with 100% efficiency, or your money back. Now you can be proud of your newly invigorated body, safe in the knowledge you’ll be safe from many nasty and potentially lethal diseases!
Ingredients: water, sugar, vegetable juice, fruit juice, cat urine, powdered tiger bone, snake venom, panda semen, concentrated testosterone, oestrogen, horse urine, Polytetrafluoroethylene, rat blood, sodium hydroxide, beaver anal glands, fish bladder extract, aborted foetal cells, desiccated brain stem fibre, artificial colours, hetroclox99, homocell256, gaybenderlox, elasteen251, virgins’ tears, mercury, Strontium 192, mint oil, faecal matter, chlorine trifluoride. .
* Whilst some care is taken to describe our products in an accurate and honest way, some ingredients may differ from the advertised description.  Please note that this controversial product has not been proven to work for everyone and may cause some rather unpleasant side-effects such as: impotence, depression, penis shrinkage, anal ulcers, heavy internal bleeding, memory loss, excessive flatulence, vaginal bleeding and cramps, diarrhoea and many, yet undiscovered side-effects. On no account should this drink be consumed in large quantities, as this could lead to seizures or even instant death, due to the extraordinary high levels of rather unpleasant chemicals and constituents contained within it. The Betty Hubbard Clinic shall take no responsibility for the misuse of this product or any other merchandise supplied by us or any of our partner companies. Please consult your doctor before taking any untested or unlicensed medication. Keep away from children and pets. The information contained in this site does not constitute legal, commercial or professional advice and must not be relied on as such.
“I was nearly dead due to the ravaging effect of AIDS because I banged all those whores at the Highbridge Hotel. After drinking a 30-day course of Hyperlize, I ran the London Marathon” Bernie Kuntwhistle - Bristol
“even though I still have a gunt, since drinking this stuff I feel like a new woman” Mary Clunge - London
“This drink tastes so great I drink about eight bottles of the stuff a day. I don’t even care that it has turned my piss red” Miranda Cuminacat - Norwich
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Take our 30-day challenge now - yes! Just drink one Hyperlize drink a day for thirty days and be amazed at the difference this wonderful liquid remedy makes to your health. You’ll look and feel like a new individual!
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