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Weird as fuck since 1998


Having trouble finding weird or strange images on the web?

Then worry no more as our hairy little primate friends do the searching for you. All you have to do is e-mail us
here and we'll try our best to find the weirdness using our team of specially trained search monkeys. The hirsute little fuckers will trawl the net looking for your strange pictorial requests using one of the worlds most powerful super computers, when they find them we will display the best ones on this page for all to see.

Shown below are some of the most unusual requests we've received so far.

The Search Monkeys yesterday

les-midget.jpg (30201 bytes)
John from surrey e-mailed us with this strange
request:" where can I find a picture of Les Battersby from 'Coronation street' fucking a woman who at the same time is giving a midget a blow job"

apple_in_dick.jpg (16379 bytes)
Steve from Glasgow, had this request:
" where can I find a picture of a bloke with an apple stuck up his knob, for my Daughter's School project"

rabbit.jpg (59455 bytes)
Dick Sponge from Bristol asked us.
"I'm having problems finding a photo of a rabbit with a small pancake on it's head"

Terry Chav asks
"I'm finding it impossible to find a picture of a naked Woman testing for radiation levels in a polluted river"

Victor Shagapopalis from Wakefield asks
"I really don't think you'll be able to find me this but here goes. I'm looking for a picture of a builder standing half naked in a wheelbarrow being rimmed by a young whore"

kirkspock.jpg (6295 bytes)
Ian from Leeds writes:
"Could the monkeys please find me an image of Captain Kirk giving Mr. Spock a blow job"

These images above took some tracking down, but our team of search monkeys managed to find them, so if you're having trouble finding a weird picture contact us now and let the hairy little fuckers do the work.

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