Please note: Whilst some care is taken to describe our products in an accurate and honest way, some ingredients may differ from the advertised description. Please note that this controversial product has not been proven to work for everyone and may cause some rather unpleasant side- effects such as: impotence, depression, penis shrinkage, anal ulcers, heavy internal bleeding, memory loss, excessive flatulence, vaginal bleeding and cramps, diarrhoea and many, yet undiscovered side-effects. On no account should this drink be consumed in large quantities, as this could lead to seizures or even instant death, due to the extraordinary high levels of rather unpleasant chemicals and constituents contained within it. The Betty Hubbard Clinic and the Glastonbury Miracle Healing Centre shall take no responsibility for the misuse of this product or any other merchandise supplied by us or any of our partner companies. Please consult your doctor before taking any untested or unlicensed beverages or medication. Keep away from children and pets. The information contained in this site does not constitute legal, commercial or professional advice and must not be relied on as such.
Ingredients: Tap water, mixed herbs, goat urine, human urine, Sodium Hydroxide, artificial colours, cat urine, powdered tiger bone, snake venom, panda semen, concentrated testosterone, oestrogen, Polytetrafluoroethylene, rat blood, beaver anal glands, fish bladder extract, aborted foetal cells, desiccated brain stem fibre, hetroclox99, homocell256, gaybenderlox, elasteen251, virgins’ tears, mercury, Strontium 192, mint oil, faecal matter, chlorine trifluoride, pig semen, organodiphosphate, sugar
Made only from water collected from the Glastonbury spring Tastes delicious Only the finest organic ingredients used Every batch, made by hand and blessed by faith healer Ogri Shagmong himself Designed to re-balance your mind and soul Guaranteed to improve your sex-life Great value for money
Glastonbury Elixir is Packed with an array of powerful antioxidants to help free your mind of harmful spirits
only £6.99 per 250ml can
Glastonbury, known by some as the spiritual heart of the planet has attracted many pilgrims over the centuries, in need of spiritual growth and personal healing. Originating from the sacred well at the foot of the magical and mystical Glastonbury Tor, this amazing new herbal health drink is made with only the finest ingredients to be found anywhere in the World. Developed by Agri Shagmong, the expert faith healer at the Glastonbury Miracle Healing centre in Somerset, Glastonbury Elixir was born. This new miracle health drink is primarily made from the crystal-clear water that emanates from the famous well near the enchanted Glastonbury Tor. The healing water is collected and blessed by Agri Shagmong himself, then hand- mixed in a large antique Tibetan prayer bowl with a range of health-giving ingredients such as organic herbs, berries, finely powdered Himalayan crystals, and goat urine. The resulting mixture is then once again blessed and packaged in recycled organic aluminium cans. At only £6.99 per 250ml can, we believe this amazing health drink is excellent value for money. Try some today and be amazed the difference this wonderful life giving remedy makes to your life, by balancing your inner chakra and re-energising your body and soul. Regularly drinking Glastonbury Elixir will help protect against cellular damage and reduce your risk of chronic diseases, such as certain cancers.
From the magical land of folklore in deepest Somerset, comes an energy drink made to refresh your mind and your soul
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Chinese Healing Eggs These amazing stainless-steel healing eggs are handmade in the Nabushi-Shang-Hung province of northern China by local craftsmen. Simply insert these balls into either your anal cavity or vagina for approximately eight hours per day. As you move around in your usual daily routine, the eggs rub together in harmony, generating a healing vibration felt all over your body. £199
Magical Healing Crystal This special healing crystal has been approved and blessed by a Tibetan Crystal master for concentrated healing power. Linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra, it is a stone of positivity that heightens the sensitivity of people around it. It is known to promote balance and harmony, inviting love and honesty into relationships and is a great stone for meditation. Now you can treat your aliments at home with this amazingly powerful stone, safe in the knowledge that you are in possession of the most powerful therapeutic crystal in the world! £999
Chinese Healing Eggs Magical Healing Crystal
Visit Miracle faith healer, Agri Shagmong at the Glastonbury Healing Centre for all your alternative therapy needs
The Glastonbury Miracle Healing Centre, 69, Park Road, Glastonbury, Somerset.