The Glastonbury Miracle Healing Centre, a Spiritual Retreat that embodies the qualities of Love and Compassion. We are situated in the sacred town of Glastonbury right on top of a ley line. The powerful energy infusing this beautiful place and the spectacular views of Glastonbury Tor and the Somerset Levels make it an obvious choice for anyone wanting to heal themselves of any nasty diseases or experience a powerful spiritual transformation.
Glastonbury, known by some as the spiritual heart of the planet has evolved over centuries. For pilgrims in need of spiritual growth and personal healing, we offer a wide range of therapies supporting many health problems and diseases; benefiting your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. You may book a single therapy or stay for spiritual healing in our nearby hotel. If you are unsure about which therapies would be most helpful, please contact us and we will discuss with you your desires and how we can treat you with the most expensive treatment. Alieno Conks - manager
Sound therapy – As you lie down and relax on our healing table that has been blessed by a Buddhist monk, our miracle healer Agri Shagmong rings numerous gongs and blows healing trumpets to rid your body of evil spirits. For an extra charge, you can have our healer insert his magical trumpet into your anal cavity and blow his health-giving breath into your body to help rid your system of negativity and balance your chakra £86 per hour Crystal therapy - Lie back and relax as you are covered from head to toe in the miracle properties of our specially selected crystals. You will instantly feel their health-giving properties draw the toxins from your body. £87 per hour Rebirthing pool – As you climb naked into our state of the art birthing pool you will feel the warm Glastonbury spring water envelop your body. For added health benefits why not have our magical healing wand inserted in to your anal cavity at the same time. This special hollow wand is filled with warm soapy water and special therapeutic herbs and spices that help cleanse your innards and help rid your body of negativity. £100 per hour (extra charge for healing wand) Candle therapy – As you lie face down in a darkened room, listening to soothing whale music, hundreds of aromatherapy candles are lit all around you. As the intoxicating fumes enter your lungs you will feel the toxins and negative energy leave your body. £85 per hour Rain dance – If your area has been affected by drought, our qualified witch doctor Agri Shagmong will perform a rain dance to rid the area of evil spirits and promote rain showers. £178 per dance (subject to weather conditions) Have your soul freed of evil spirits – Many people believe their health has been unduly affected by the presence of evil spirits entering their body and infiltrating their souls. If this is the case, we are fully qualified to perform a full spiritual exorcism to rid your body of these troublesome spirits. £125 per exorcism.
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Terms and conditions Please note that the majority (all) of our treatments and cures are complete bullshit and do not work as advertised. However, some feelings of positivity may be experienced due to a placebo effect. Our healing hotel is situated in the nearby town of Highbridge and not in Glastonbury as advertised. Whilst little care is taken to describe our healing methods in an accurate and honest way, some aspects of the treatments may differ from the advertised description. The Betty Hubbard Clinic and The Glastonbury Healing Centre accepts no responsibility for any treatments that do not go to plan, including distress, death or inconvenience or anxiety caused by evil spirits. A small (non-refundable) processing fee of £18.49 is added to your invoice to cover administration costs. We reserve the right to sell or publish the names, bank information and any other personal details of our customers to third parties. All prices shown are an approximate guide and do not necessarily reflect the actual amount you will have to pay after any other unfortunate expenses have been incurred. We reserve the right to use your internal organs in the event of your death to be made into our meat products. Some treatments have been known to take several hours to complete because of circumstances beyond our control, or because the wrong doses of chemicals have been administered. These controversial treatments have not been proven to work in all patients and may cause some rather unpleasant side-effects such as: impotence, depression, penis shrinkage, vaginal dryness, heavy internal bleeding, memory loss, excessive flatulence, diarrhoea and many, yet undiscovered side-effects. Please consult your witch doctor before taking any untested or unlicensed medication. This site is not affiliated with the Bridget Healing Centre in any way. The information contained in this site does not constitute legal, commercial or professional advice and must not be relied on as such.
The Glastonbury Miracle Healing Centre, 69, Park Road, Glastonbury, Somerset.
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Chinese Healing Eggs Magical Healing Crystal
Chinese Healing Eggs These amazing stainless-steel healing eggs are handmade in the Nabushi-Shang-Hung province of northern China by local craftsmen. Simply insert these balls into either your anal cavity or vagina for approximately eight hours per day. As you move around in your usual daily routine, the eggs rub together in harmony, generating a healing vibration felt all over your body. £199
Magical Healing Crystal This special healing crystal has been approved and blessed by a Tibetan Crystal master for concentrated healing power. Linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra, it is a stone of positivity that heightens the sensitivity of people around it. It is known to promote balance and harmony, inviting love and honesty into relationships and is a great stone for meditation. Now you can treat your aliments at home with this amazingly powerful stone, safe in the knowledge that you are in possession of the most powerful therapeutic crystal in the world! £999
Magical Glastonbury Potion Sacred water is collected directly from the legendary spring at the foot of the world-famous Glastonbury Tor, where it is mixed with a secret blend of organic herbs, crystal dust and goat’s urine. It is then personally bottled and blessed by our healer Agri Shagmong. By swallowing a single teaspoon of this elixir once a day you will quickly feel invigorated with the health-giving properties of this miracle potion. £39.99
T-Shirt Show the world you are a proud fan Of the Healing Centre by wearing this delightful t-shirt made from the finest organic cotton and recycled Himalayan Healing mats. These T-shirts are lovingly handmade by Tibetan monks in northern Asia using a 400 year loom that has been blessed by the Dalai Lama. £29.99
“Your healer Agri Shagmong told me my chakra was totally corrupt, but he miraculously healed me by rubbing his hands all over my naked body for two hours” Elsie Cocksocks, Norwich “I thought I didn’t have nothing wrong with me but that bloke in your healing centre said I had evil spirits in my mind. He rubbed some crystals over my forehead for ten minutes, took seventy quid out of my wallet and said I were cured.” Tarquin Phucknugget, Milton Keynes “I visit the wonderful Glastonbury Healing Centre at least four times a year to use the rebirthing pool. The healer inserts his healing wand into my anus and squirts his magical therapeutic liquid into my body.” Doris Kunt, Cardiff “I can highly recommend this place. Each time I visit, Agri Shagmong and I both strip off naked and lie on a hand-woven Himalayan healing rug. He then rubs crystals, magical organic herbs and olive oil all over my body for two hours. I leave the place feeling as though my soul has been healed and all the negative energy has evaporated from my body.” Hilda Gland, Bristol
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Blase Gulltwit our resident fortune teller is now available to give you her highly accurate Tarot and psychic readings, in person or over the phone. You can make an appointment with her for £80 per half hour. Alternatively, you can contact her by telephone for a reading at £4 per minute. Blase comes from a long line of psychics and was born at the foot of the mystical Glastonbury Tor to Romany gypsy parents. She is a highly experienced clairvoyant with years of experience. Contact her today for an unforgettable spiritual experience. Call her now for your own personalised reading.
Tarot & Psychic Readings
Calls cost £4 for the first minute (£5 thereafter) and terminate in Ulaanbaatar
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Come and be treated for all your aliments by our miracle healer Agri Shagmong.
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Our 5G-signal blocking hat uses the AMAZING PROPERTIES OF PROPRIETARY HOLOGRAPHIC NANO- LAYER TECHNOLOGY to protect you from harmful rays. Advanced Anti EMF Protection – Programmed with more than 30 homoeopathic frequencies and infused with rare-earth elements, our anti EMF radiation protection hat can neutralise EMF/EMR and 5G radiation with the healing powers of negative ions. The hat also uses Quantum holographic catalyzer technology for the balance and harmonisation of the harmful effects of imbalanced electric radiation. These hats are becoming more and more popular with the residents of Glastonbury and come highly recommended by some leading town council members. Web exclusive price of only £599
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