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Caption Competition

Welcome to our Caption Competition page

If you  can think of the funniest, most disgusting caption to go with the picture below, then simply e-mail it to us here.

The best ones we receive will be shown on this page,  the winner will receive a special prize!

Please note: What's up Doc will not be accepted

Here's some all the captions we've received so far

"Sandra thought it would make a nice change from Rudolph and the mince pies"   Judy

"As the big rabbit squeezed himself into the 'wrong' hole."    Richard

"Chaz was gutted when her mail order "rampant rabbit" turned up."

"They were at it like rabbits all night"

"Those damn rabbits. They come over here, eat our carrots and now they're stealing our women... "

"Are you sure you haven't got miximetoesies?"

"Mmmm Rabbit Stew, say it again, say it again... faster, louder..."

"Brings a new meaning to carrot and stick!"

"Rabbit slams lamb into kebab."