'Self Contained'

A tribute to the B.L.A.


By renowned artist Sveti Clitoris.

The only unofficially Authorised Collectable of its kind.

SEND ONLY  £29.99*   NOW!

The beautiful B.L.A. plate in all it's glory

A Heartfelt tribute to the brave men of the
Backwaters Liberation Army

Brought to life in a signature edition commemorative porcelain style plate.

Now you can honour  them with 'Self Contained' a magnificent collectors piece from acclaimed plate artist Sveti Clitoris.

In the tradition of the most prized collectibles, this heirloom collector plate is crafted from the finest quality fibrous cellulose a combination of sawdust, newspaper pulp, wallpaper paste and re-cycled Chlorate tubs. 

Each plate is painstakingly printed and a hand painted border is applied by Indonesian rent boys.

bonus gift

Order today and receive this delightful bonus gift absolutely free! The  Sveti Clitoris designed B.L.A. desktop lighter makes a charming addition to any tabletop 

The Artist
Sveti Clitoris was born in 1965. In 1981 he received a grade 4 CSE in art from shipton Collage of further education and his work features prominently in collections across the UK, notably in Happy Eater and Little Chef.

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The 'Self Contained' Limited edition collectors plate

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Please allow 12 Months for delivery before calling Watchdog.

I understand very little so please send me 'Self Contained' plate. I enclose £29.99 + p+p etc. Oh yeah, I'll have one of them free lighters as well. 

* Plus £99 postage, packaging, insurance charge

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Limited EDITION OF JUST 390,000