This is the dream holiday for lovers of everything unusual The Betty Hubbard Cruise Company™ proudly present a once in a lifetime opportunity to set sail on that luxury perverse cruise you've always dreamed of, as we invite you to board our magnificently converted factory ship the 'Pearl Necklace' for her maiden voyage of the North Sea discovering new Worlds of perversity. This one-off cruise is designed for the Bachelor or the married man who can slip away from the Wife and kids for ten days. The fun starts as soon as you step onboard, our all Female crew are completely topless!, you're guaranteed a really great time. TAKE YOUR PERVERTED MIND ON A VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY Your holiday begins at Hull docks, where you'll be given a ‘Bangkok Roll'. before you embark on our magnificent ship. Once aboard you'll be invited to Captain Derek Von- Mingeweasel's welcome reception party. You’ll feel instantly at home in your cosy windowless cabin, each fitted with it’s own Golden Shower, TV/Video (with 24hr porn) and mini-bar, deep within the bowels of the ship close to the warmth and comforting drone of the engine room.
WE’LL ENTERTAIN YOU IN BODY AND MIND Time has little meaning aboard the ‘Pearl Necklace’, your days are your own, whether you choose to spend them in the ship’s own brothel, relaxing in the ‘Muff Dive’ Bar and ‘Shaven Haven’ Suite, or taking advantage of our many onboard facilities *, including :- Sex Change Surgery and piercing carried out on board ship. Purpose built leather lined torture chamber. The ‘Play Room ‘- Rubber garments, vibrating love toys, jellies & creams, out- sized nappies, water sports etc. KY Jelly filled Jacuzzi The ’ V.I.P.’ Suite - Genital infibulation, Infantilism, Felching room, S&M Dungeon, Bestiality (subject to animal availability), Chyme injections, Klismaphilia, Necrophilia (subject to corpse availability) Urine therapy, Autoerotic Asphyxia, Anal pressure hosing etc etc. Nightly on board interactive sex show.
“Apparently I had the time of my life onboard the ship. It must have been great as I can’t remember a bloody thing” Anon. “The entertainment on the cruise was fantastic. Especially as I got to have my evil way with one of the dancers” Anon. “I caught something very nasty onboard the ship, but it was well worth it for the great time I had – highly recommended” Anon. “Ha ha ha the wife never did find out what I got up to. I told her I was going on a fishing trip with a couple of friends. Well, I was on a boat!” Anon. “This certainly is a cruise with a difference. I’ll never look at a banana in the same way again” Anon. “I think I got on the wrong boat” The very Reverend Anthony Smith.
The Betty Hubbard Clinic is part of The Machine that goes ping group of companies
The Betty Hubbard Cruise Company terms and conditions: Whilst some care is taken to describe our cruise in an accurate way, some aspects of the voyage may differ from the advertised description. Although the sexual health of our employees is checked periodically, we cannot guarantee the crew will be free of any rather unpleasant diseases during your time onboard the ship. If it appears that during your holiday that you are or are becoming ill or unfit to continue travel due to some hideous STD then a duly authorised representative of The Betty Hubbard Cruise Company may restrain and gag you and transfer you from your cabin to our quarantine cell for the duration of the cruise. Although we encourage sexual contact between guests, the crew and onboard entertainers we do not allow any type of behaviour which could endanger life or interfere with the safe passage of our ship. Any behaviour deemed unacceptable by the ship's captain will result in the perpetrator being thrown overboard. For misleading purposes, the ship illustrated may & will differ from the one you travel on. The company terms & conditions are subject to International Maritime law under which no refund can be given. : Flag of convenience Holidays Ltd. Dept. (perv), PO Box 69, Liberia. The information contained in this site does not constitute legal, commercial or professional advice and must not be relied on as such.
Our very own dance troop comprising of eight girls is onboard to entertain you in more ways than one! The Felch Queen Dancers - Pass the Banana Stage Show has to be seen to be believed and is a must-see entertainment event whilst you are onboard the ship. With choreography By Hilda Scabcock you are sure to be in for a quality show that will blow your mind. With all this unique entertainment provided inclusively in your cruise package price you are guaranteed a holiday you will never forget.
THE TEN DAY ITINERARY OF DEPRAVED AND PERVERTED ENTERTAINMENT DAY 1 Welcome aboard the ‘Pearl Necklace’, with Captain Derek Von-Mingeweasel's reception party and The Felch Queen Dancers Pass the Banana Stage Show. DAYS 2-7 Cruising the North Sea, time to enjoy the many on-board facilities. DAY 8 Touring the delights of Amsterdam. DAY 9 Captain’s farewell dinner and orgy, your chance to fuck or sexually torture the crew. DAY 10 Last chance to enjoy onboard facilities, arrive back at Hull Docks. Medical check-up.
We cater for most perversions, so there's Something for everyone onboard the 'Pearl Necklace'
POSSIBLY YOUR LAST CHANCE TO EXPERIENCE THIS VERY SPECIAL HOLIDAY The price of the Betty Hubbard Cruise of ONLY £995 per person includes all meals, drinks, full use of brothel, play room, VIP Suite, Amsterdam visit and Captains party and orgy. The fully inclusive price includes our own medical facilities to spare you the embarrassment of consulting your family GP. when you get home. BOOK NOW !
Captain Derek Von-Mingeweasel