We could tell you that xtratesti procedures are the best in the business, but in the end nothing matters more, than what you our valued customers think. Below are just a few of your comments.
“I had my testicle fitted at home as I was too embarrassed to have the procedure carried-out at the clinic. It went very smoothly, well, apart from them having difficulty getting the stirrups through my front door” Tarquin Phuknugget – London “My friends are so jealous of me now I’ve had my third bollock inserted. They all want theirs done now” Big Gay Steve – Brighton “Doctor Skcollob told me he had to use a whole roll of My-Mesh to treat when he done my implant, as my sagging balls were in one hell of a state after years of self-abuse” Fred Ebullana, Bristol
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Totally safe procedure* Latest body mod fashion Refer a friend and get a 10% discocunt Available in three different sizes
Company terms and conditions: *The Betty Hubbard Clinic requires that any individual we operate on, signs a consent form that exonerates us from any injuries, brain damage or deaths resulting from any of our testicle procedures. We also require that every patient signs a disclaimer that gives us permission to use any waste blood or body tissue that is extracted from them may be used in our meat products with their consent. We sometimes find it necessary to perform emergency operations on certain patients due to circumstances beyond our control. In these situations, any blood or surgical waste is used in our meat products without the express permission of the individual concerned. A small fee of £49 to cover administration costs is required before any procedure can be carried out. We also recommend every customer purchase their own life insurance cover before deciding to use any of our services. To minimise the risk of death or serious injury, we recommend patients do not undertake any heavy exercise or sexual activity for a minimum of seven days after their procedure has been carried out. Please be aware that although the Bluetooth version of Xtratesti has been rigorously tested by our volunteer users, some units have been known to explode, causing severe lacerations and burns to the groin area. Please note that, although the Betty Hubbard Clinic is a supporter of any individual that doesn’t identify to a certain gender, we are unable to offer this procedure to females due to anatomical reasons. The information contained in this site does not constitute legal, commercial or professional advice and must not be relied on as such.
Here at the Betty Hubbard Clinic we are very proud of the fact that we have developed a diverse and innovative range of products and services over the years. We have been at the forefront of technical innovation since 1903 when we pioneered the first Sex-Change operation. Now Doctor Skcollob is pleased to announce his brand new product, which has been designed in-house, in collaboration with our talented research technicians. Now you can get the latest trend in body modification with Doctor Skcollob’s third testicle implant - Xtratesti. Body mods are all the rage at the moment, and we believe this implant will be the must-have look of the year. You’ll be the talk of the town with this highly fashionable new hipster accessory. The Betty Hubbard Clinic is the first facility in the World to offer this highly sought-after procedure. Our realistic polypropylene testicle is inserted into a slit me make in the middle of your scrotum sack, where it is securely stitched and stapled into place. Why have two balls when you can have three!
It couldn’t be easier to have your Xtratesti fitted here at the Betty Hubbard Clinic. Here’s how it works: 1. Simply book your appointment at the Betty Hubbard Clinic. 2. After contacting us and arranging your appointment, wait for your allotted fitting time slot. 3. Upon arrival at the clinic, your Xtratesti procedure is carried out using the latest keyhole surgery techniques . 4. You are discharged from the clinic safe in the knowledge that you are now proudly walking around with one of the most fashionable body mods ever devised.
We come to you. Now you can have your third testicle inserted in the comfort of your own home. If you cannot for any reason visit us at the clinic for your procedure, we now have a small fleet of specially equipped surgery vans covering the UK. Click on the map below to see the areas of the UK covered by our vans and book your home appointment now!
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Here at the Betty Hubbard Clinic, we are constantly working to bring you the latest innovations in medical technology. We are proud to announce that our Xtratesti implant will soon be available as a Bluetooth version. Our in-house boffins have been working tirelessly developing this unique implant that is a wonder of miniaturisation. Not only can you now have the latest body mod trend with a third testicle, you can also get phone notifications from it too! Yes, with our Bluetooth version, your testicle communicates with your phone using our free Buzzballs app and vibrates and lights up with extra bright LEDs when you get a text or an email. keeping your testicle fully powered is also a breeze too, as it uses clever induction charging as you sleep. Our charger fits unobtrusively beneath your bed sheets, and as long as your testicle sack is kept in contact with it, you will always have the necessary power to keep it running smoothly.