For many years Doctor Skcollob and The Betty Hubbard Clinic have been at the forefront of cutting-edge medical product design and services. Since 1903 we have strived to bring you the most unique and innovative products possible Quench your thirst with P-PEE our drink. Packed with amino acids, B vitamins and other beneficial minerals to provide that perfect pick-me-up, any time of the day. Plus, it’s zero sugar, contains no carbs, and is completely delicious. Doctor Skcollob’s P-PEE is a game-changing urine-based drink - a refreshing alternative to drinking your own urine. Why waste time urinating into a funnel and then have the messy business of pouring the liquid into a glass when you can have a handy can of chilled P-PEE waiting for you in the fridge. Utilising innovative technology, we have harnessed the health power of urine and formulated it into a completely delicious drink in a can. Most people who already know about the health benefits of drinking urine, only drink their own without realising the health benefits of mixing other types urine together to make a healthier beverage. Now, thanks to P-PEE you can harness the life-giving properties of urine from different animals. We take varying quantities of urine from humans, cows, horses, goats, and pigs. We then expertly blend them together and add our own secret ingredients to make a drink like no other. Order a pack of P-PEE today and feel like a new person.
The secret of P-PEE lies in its use of Chlorine Trifluoride biochemical release elements. These specially developed chemicals harmlessly bind themselves onto the cells in your body and gently release their health-giving properties
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Company terms and conditions: Whilst some care is taken to describe our products in an accurate and honest way, some ingredients may differ from the advertised description. Although the quality of our drinks is checked periodically, we cannot guarantee these products will be free of any rather unpleasant bacteria or other hostile micro-organisms. If it appears that during or after the consumption of any of our beverages that you are becoming ill, we recommend that you seek medical help immediately. We cannot be held responsible for any loss of life however caused arising from the consumption of our products, including, distress, inconvenience or anxiety and is entirely done so at your own risk. Whilst every care is taken to remove any shards of glass from our drinks, some may remain. Keep out of the reach of small children and pets. We show little respect for your personal information and your privacy and will share or sell your information to other organisations or the highest bidder. The information contained in this site does not constitute legal, commercial or professional advice and must not be relied on as such. Warning: This product may cause heavy internal bleeding, memory loss, excessive flatulence, diarrhoea and many, yet undiscovered side- effects. Do not consume more than five drinks in any 24-hour period, as this may cause serious health problems such as death. Please consult your doctor before taking any untested or unlicensed medication.
TAKE OUR 30 DAY CHALLENGE yes! Just drink one, surprisingly delicious can of P-PEE a day for thirty days and be amazed at the difference this wonderful liquid remedy makes to your life. You’ll feel and look like a new person!
Ingredients: urine from humans, goats, cows, pigs, horses, Bleach, Industrial alcohol, Pig semen, Rat blood, Sodium Hydroxide, Beaver anal glands, Fish bladder, Aborted foetal cells, Artificial colours, Concentrated Testosterone, Hetroclox99, Homocell256, Gaybenderlox, elasteen251,Virgins’ tears, mercury, Strontium 192, oestrogen, faecal matter, Chlorine Trifluoride, Caustic Soda, Anti-caking agent, Lemon juice, Sugar.
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“After visiting the very helpful Doctor Skcollob at the Betty Hubbard Clinic, he advised me to start drinking these to help me stay healthy and ward-off COVID- 19. I’m STILL GETTING USED TO THE TASTE OF THEM BUT I’M SURE THEY’RE MAKING ME FEEL BETTER ALREADY.” Betty Smork, Brighton “I CAN’T STOP DRINKING THESE DRINKS AS THEY IS SO DELICIOUS. I reckon I drink about twelve cans a day as they is so addictive and that.” Clinton Dennison, Leeds “I been drinking my own piss for years, as I is sure it helps me loose weight. Now that I can buy these handy drinks in a can, I don’t have to piss in a bucket no more.” Freda Wallace, Yorkshire
Great for your skin and immune system Helps to keep your body in harmony with nature Delicious taste No need to refrigerate
five star reviews