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Chef for the day This is a great gift experience for the budding chef. Be a chef for the day at Chez Skcollob restaurant. Learn to cook a variety of unique dishes with the pros, then, at the end of the day, eat your own creation in the restaurant with a guest of your choice. £125
Operating Theatre Assistant Be a theatre assistant for the day at the World famous Betty Hubbard Clinic. You’ll be hands-on at the busy clinic where you’ll help perform a Sex-change operation. This would make a great gift for any budding surgeon. £225
Join the circus This is a great gift for lovers of everything circus. Now you can indulge in your ambition to be part of the World famous Skcollob circus team for the day. Learn the techniques of the unique circus performers and be part of the public performance that very night. An unforgeable experience like no other! £325
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Cruise experience The Betty Hubbard Cruise Company™ proudly present a once in a lifetime opportunity to set sail on that luxury perverse cruise you've always dreamed of, as we invite you to board our magnificently converted factory ship the 'Pearl Necklace' for her voyage of the North Sea discovering new Worlds of perversity £999
Receptionist for the day A fantastic opportunity to witness the comings and goings of one of the busiest medical clinics in London. You’ll be answering the phone and dealing with customer queries at The Betty Hubbard Clinic. A great opportunity to witness some truly weird and wonderful individuals booking their treatments and operations. £120
Take a look at the large range of medical products and services offered at the Betty Hubbard Clinic. From felch pumps to a full-blown sex-change operation we’ve got every product and procedure you could possible want at prices you will not believe.
Laboratory Assistant A great opportunity for budding scientists to see how many of the amazing products are made at The Betty Hubbard Clinic. You’ll be able to make your own bottle of Sex Spray and add your unique flavour to take home and try-out for yourself. £125
Food development technician for the day A fantastic opportunity to help Doctor Skcollob and his team of talented chefs make the finest meat products. Our Sausages, meatballs pizzas and faggots are meticulously made with the best fillings. We carefully source our ingredients from the Betty Hubbard Clinic and other medical facilities all over the UK. At the end of your busy day, take home a delicious creation of your choice. £100
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“I done the operating experience. I wanted to do the sex-change one, but I done the MARP fitting instead because they didn’t have no one ready for the sex-change who would let me carve them up. It were great though, as I got to fit a MARP up some guy’s arse. He didn’t half scream when I put the stitches in, as the anaesthetic didn’t work properly or something.” Clinton Dennison, Leeds “I’ve always wanted to work in a medical clinic, as I like seeing what’s wrong with people, but I ain’t got no qualifications and that. So, I were real pleased when my boyfriend bought me the receptionist for the day experience for my birthday. It was really good as I got to look through loads of funny medical records and it were a real laugh answering the phone and seeing some of the weirdos coming into the clinic.” Mary Clunge, Brighton I live on pies so I thought it would be great to have a day out at Jethro Kringe’s Pie shop. It were great as they let me have a go at making their well tasty pies and I got to stuff my face with as many pies as I could eat. Derek Kunt, Norwich