“My Award winning pies are made on my   farm in the heart of the West Country by my   beloved son Jethro”    Why not pay us a visit  and see how we make our range   of products. We are located just off the   A303 in the beautiful village of Little Shyting   near Felchem Hall
The Cyril Kringe Cider Company, Bellend Farm, Little Shyting, Somerset SH1 T69
 Theobald Shagmonk
Spunkton Mandelbrot
"I found a lucky foreskin in mine”
Mary Clunge
“I can’t get enough of these fucking tasty pies. I eat about four of the  bastards a day, all washed down with about a gallon of Mulled Wine”
we could tell you our pies are made from the finest cuts of surgery leftovers and carefully made to a unique recipe. We could even show you the awards we've won. But in the end, nothing matters more to us than what you, our customers think. Below are a few of your comments.
“Me and my kids love them for a special treat. They is so much nicer than  the ones in the shops”
WARNING - Jethro Kringe’s Special Pies may contain various forms of human flesh and organs, including: Brains, liver, heart, lungs, scrotum, testicles, bladders, vulva, foreskins, kneecaps, intestines, anal tissue, vaginal cysts,  Haemorrhoids plus powdered bones, unidentified surgery leftovers, liquid from liposuction procedures, blood, pubic hair, gristle, and sawdust. We cannot guarantee these pies are 100% Gunt. Not suitable for vegetarians, pregnant women or young children. 
Ingredients: Surgery leftovers - including:  skin, cysts, bladders, intestines, womb lining. sawdust, pastry, herbs and spices, salt, pepper.  
100% British meat. Approved by the Alternative Meat Council of Great Britain
“I been eating loads of these cause they is real nice and they is stuffed to the  fucking brim with tasty surgical meat”
“I don’t know much, but I do know I fucking love these pies.  They’re the dog’s bollocks”
Tina Tunt
 Jinny Slavile
Our new mascot Percy the Pasty encourages your kids to eat healthily in the fight against junk food. Why let your kids eat the same old unhealthy shit when they could be tucking into the tasty meaty goodness of one of my delicious Special Somerset Pies. Download a Percy the Pasty poster here to show the world your kids are eating the good stuff.
Made with only the finest cuts of surgical meat. All natural ingredients. No artificial flavours or colours guaranteed. Made in the heart of the West Country. Winner of many awards. Tastes fucking great.
Cyril & Jethro Kringe
For over 100 years my family have been making cider here on Bellend Farm in the heart of the West Country. Due to the extraordinary success of my award winning Special Pasties and Mulled Wine, I decided it was about time I launched another product that utilises the large amounts of surgery leftovers that go to waste every year in this country. With this in mind the Somerset Meaty Pie was developed by my talented son Jethro. We are passionate about Pies. We scoured the country to find the best Clinics and hospitals who could supply us with the finest and freshest surgery leftovers, as we demand our pies are of the highest quality possible. Each of our pies is hand crafted and crammed with mouth-wateringly tender chunks of surgical meat encased in a hand finished pastry case and filled with rich succulent gravy. These delicious West Country pies are made from the large amounts of surgery leftovers that are removed from patients at The Betty Hubbard Clinic and other hospitals every year. They are guaranteed 100% horse meat free and taste surprisingly delicious. Why not give the kids a healthy* teatime treat that is 70% lower in cholesterol and saturated fat than traditional pies.