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We are delighted to introduce this fantastic new footwear design for the 21st. Century.

Originally designed by NASA for the failed 1987 Mars landing, Duck Boots remain at the height footwear technology.

Take a look at these great features:

* One size fits all

* Teflon Coated Soles

* choice of two colours

* Laces included

* Waterproof (probably)

* As worn by the SAS

Just look at what just some of our satisfied customers have said about Duck Boots:


"A major advance in footwear design"
 R. Soles. National boot & Sandal Council of Great Britain.

"Duck Boots kept my feet completely dry when I hammered them whores to death in the pouring rain. I would recommend them to any crazed serial killer"
Peter Sutcliffe, Yorkshire Ripper

"The most stylish shoes I have ever worn"
Quentin Crisp

"You can even wear them swimming"
Robert Maxwell


"Kept the blood off my socks" 
 Dr. Harold Shipman. Former GP and mass Murderer.


"I owe the success of my gold medal to the comfort and aerodynamic properties of Duck Boots"
Sally Gunnell. 1992 Olympic gold medal winner.

"I can swim like a fish in Duck Boots"
Michael Barrymore.


"If only I was wearing Ducks Boots for the Olympic marathon event things could of been a whole lot different"
Paula Radcliffe. Failed marathon runner

"They're great for doing building and gardening"

Fred West. Former builder and mass murderer.


for only 49.99+p&p* you can be the proud owner of these amazing new shoes. Why not order a pair for yourself or a friend, we guarantee you wont regret it!


Order 2 pairs of Duck Boots today and receive this rather dashing 'denim effect' nylon safari suit absolutely free!*

PLUS! that's not all!  If you order 5 pairs of Duck Boots you'll also receive a free 7 day holiday for two in Spain**

  *postage and packaging add ten quid

 **Offer excludes flights and accommodation

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As demonstrated by Dick Sponge on Sky TV's Footwear Today programme


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