Genital hygiene is a very important aspect of male health that is sadly neglected by many individuals. No man wants to be inflicted with a hideous infection or disease because they have an unkempt penis or ballbag. This is why Doctor Skcollob and his team of scientists have developed Smeg-Gone to keep your bits and pieces in pristine order. Using a unique rotary head, this device is guaranteed to keep any man’s glans in excellent condition. Say goodbye to phallic fungi and orgonzola with the Bell End Cheese Grater! Banish those 'Bell whiff' blues Yes Chaps, now you can remove that pungent 'Penis Parmesan' with this revolutionary new Helmet Cheese remover, only available from the The Betty Hubbard Clinic. Say goodbye to Phallic fungi and Gorgonzola. It's goodbye Bell-end Brie, hello Foreskin freshness! Now you can have the confidence to pull your knob out anywhere and show it to the Ladies knowing that the Cheesy Chopper aroma has gone for good. Smeg-Gone - For when scrubbing simply wont shift it!
Fast rotary action Unique swivel head Reaches right under your 'Polo neck' Shifts dried on Smeg Fully washable Hygienic Military tough construction Dishwasher safe The essential gentleman’s accessory
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“My bellend is now so shiny I can see my face in it” Nobkin Trunks, Skegness “My bloody bitch of a wife would never have sex with me as she said my cock smelled like French cheese. Since using Smeg-Gone our sex life has been transformed - thank you Doctor Skcollob” Bernie Kuntwhistle, Cardiff “I go out on patrol in the city of Manchester every Friday night with a group of volunteers to clean the genitals of the city’s tramps. This job has been made a lot easier since we started using Smeg-Gone” Verity Sinep, homeless charity worker for Bin2home “Wonderful, absolutely wonderful. A genius piece of British engineering” Helmut Cheeze, Düsseldorf, Germany
Recommended and approved by the British Felching Association