Movember has been a huge success with gentlemen up and down the country, growing moustaches for charity to raise awareness of Men's heath issues.

Major Henry Snuffington Smith & Bunty Forbes-Grainger came up with the brilliant idea of doing something similar but with Women in mind rather than men. Together we came up with the idea of Mad Minge March. This simple idea lets Ladies Grow their Minge hair as long as possible throughout March thus raising awareness of Women's nasty 'down below' diseases and to raise much needed funds for
The Betty Hubbard Clinic to do valuable research in this area.

mail us your Mad Minge March pictures and we will show them here on our online hirsute growler gallery.

So come on Ladies, let's get those growlers growing for charity and make lots of money for The Betty Hubbard Clinic and good causes* all over the Country



Here are some pictures we've already been sent. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge

Mad Minge March

* Please note - The Words charity and good causes are used in their loosest sense. All money raised is divided equally between The Betty Hubbard Clinic Christmas party fund and the Major Henry Snuffington-Smith and Bunty Forbes-Grainger holiday fund.


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